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Winners of the 3M Award in Recognition for Outstanding Work on the 3M Window Films Olympics Project.

3m Window film supplier award

Your Accredited 3M Window Film Dealer

WindowTreat is a trading style of GP Systems (Glazing Protection Systems Ltd). We are one of the few accredited dealers for 3M Window Films and Commercial Graphics in the UK. We offer a first-rate, nationwide installation service. Our depth of knowledge of 3M window film means that we are ideally suited to bring 3M’s advanced range of window films to you.

Since 3M invented window films in 1966 it has led the way in unique technologies. There will be one which is perfect for you.

We are part of the more rigorously audited “Buy with Confidence” scheme run by Trading Standards. You are in safe hands.

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3M Solar Window Films

3M window film leads the way in unique technologies.

Prestige, Night Vision and Thinsulate offer significant advantages in aesthetics, thermal comfort and light control.

Amber 35 performance is outstanding for an internal film on modern double glazing.

Nickel 50 is subtle and beautiful on steel and glass buildings.

These products are perfect for conservatories, find out more here.

Discover the unique qualities of these films on the product pages or call us for a chat to learn more.

Sunglasses for your windows

3M Safety and Security Window Films

The National Counter-Terrorism Security Office chose WindowTreat to train all 280 Counter-Terrorism Security advisers in making glass safe.

We offer bomb blast modelling  and consultancy services in making glass safer from the risk of a bomb. We also offer a full range of safety solutions from traditional anti-shatter films to 3M Ultra Safety Window Films and glass anchorage systems to hold the filmed glass to the frames.

3M Ultra Safety window films are the pinnacle of security and bomb blast window films due to their unique structure.

“WindowTreat assisted the National Counter Terrorism Security Office with the training of the national network of Counter Terrorism Security Advisors. Their knowledge and vast experience in glazing has assisted Counter Terrorism Security Advisors in reducing the vulnerabilities of sites throughout the UK.”

– The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) 

 “Over the years I have dealt with several window film suppliers, but WindowTreat were the only one with the proven flexibility to meet the reactive demands of the marine industry.”

– Richard Hussey, Maritime Security Adviser 


It is important that you get the right 3M window film on the right windows.

When you contact WindowTreat we will ask some key questions about your requirement.

For example, if you have identified that glare is your primary issue then we will ask whether the glare is from the direct disc of the sun or caused by high levels of ambient light. The solutions are different.

We aligned with 3M’s portfolio of beautiful window film products because they contain unique technologies that solve problems better than traditional films.

Unfortunately, this level of due diligence and understanding is the exception rather than the rule.

We care.

The performance of window films vary considerably on different types of windows. Some films perform well on single glazing, but perform badly on modern double glazing. They can even cause thermal stress resulting in cracked glass.

At WindowTreat we analyse which 3M window film will work best on your windows. Expect a question or two about your glazing or even a visit from one of our glazing experts.

Our considerable experience with 3M Window Film means that we can model the impact of window films on your specific type of glazing.

We listen to your preferences in order to propose a solution that works for you.

We are very proud of our proposals and regularly receive enthusiastic feedback from clients.

We will always be honest with you

Our company mantra, our DNA, which is quite simply:

“Delight our Residential Customers
Make Our Commercial Clients Successful”.

We typically install within 5 to 15 working days from the order. The result will be an installation of 3M Window Film that exceeds the Glass and Glazing Federation’s quality guidelines for Visual Quality.

If the project is large or complex then we may prepare a Project Initiation Document which includes the key stakeholders, scope, what is not in scope, dependencies, constraints, assumptions and potential risks. What this means to you is that you can be confident of a smooth and pain-free installation.

We hope that our client will become an ambassador for the professional work we do. It is always very satisfying when you have been referred to us by a happy customer.