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3M Residential Window Film

WindowTreat Your Home with 3M Window Film

Make every room comfortable in your home with a 3M™ Window Film.

WindowTreat are purveyors of beautiful window treatments, but also the ultimate problem solvers.

Too Bright? Too Hot? Too Cold? More Natural Light? Security or Privacy Concerns?

Call us, Get the Facts, and make the Right Choice for You.

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3M Insulation Window Films

Protect your family from the icy bite of winter. Add a virtually undetectable layer to your glass turning older windows into energy efficient low-e windows.

What is the secret? It is 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film.

3M Solar Window Film

3M Prestige is arguably the perfect solar window film. The perfect solar window film would:

  1. Reject 100% of harmful UV radiation;
  2. Reject the uncomfortable sun’s radiant heat;
  3. Blend in beautifully with your windows; and
  4. Let you choose how much natural light is transmitted.

Discover how to outsmart the sun at 3M Prestige Solar Control Window Film available in 3 different light transmissions. One will be perfect for you.

Conservatory Window Film and Roof Glazing

The serene range of 3M Conservatory Window Films will make your conservatory usable for more months each year and more hours each day.

All Seasons Amber is the best-seller and when you discover how it outperforms other films whilst transmitting more natural light you will understand why.

Night Vision 15 is perfect for glare and has a non-reflective appearance at night.

Silver 20 is a robust, budget option.

3M Prestige external films tackle the heat on the side glazing. Did you know that more heat enters through the side glazing than through a very modern, solar control conservatory roof?

If you are too cold or too hot then pick up the phone for a no-obligation chat.

Privacy Window Film

The very subtle 3M Night Vision 25 and reflective window films provide privacy for you in your home during daylight hours.

However, the stunning stat is that 3M Night Vision 25 is the overwhelming choice for the homeowner.


Night Vision is subtle and does not create a mirror effect inside your home at night.

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Contact WindowTreat and we will give you the facts so that you can make the right choice for you.