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Andie | Zeus Roof Lantern Blind

Electric Roof Lantern Blinds

The Zeus Electric Roof Lantern Blind

The Zeus Large Electric Roof lantern blind boasts a symmetrical look with easy to clean cassette boxes at both ends. Inside the cassette boxes, the engineering brilliance of the Zeus Electric Roof Lantern Blinds | No Visible Guidewires ( is hidden away from dust, flies and view allowing it to blend into your lantern’s upstand. (White is standard but any RAL colour can be offered).

Andie had a Zeus electric roof lantern blind installed into her home, we contacted Andie for some feedback on the Venus electric roof lantern blind.

To start with, Andie gave some back story: “So when we moved into the house it was lots of separate rooms. So we had this extension put on so that we'd feel that we had a more open plan area where we could well live most of our time so we cook in here, we relax in here in the evening after the kids have gone to bed, we're in here all day at the weekend, the kids playing or doing homework and what we wanted was an open plan multi-functional area that also made us feel a bit closer to the garden and the outside hence why we've got so much glass and we chose to put an orangery on”

We then asked Andie why she chose WindowTreat to install her Zeus Electric Roof latnern Blind: “We did look at a couple of other companies but we wanted to avoid having any guidelines any wires across the opening  I mean the reason we didn't factor in and blind into the original plan when we had it built was because we're so keen on just keeping the oak and the glass visible so we were keen on having a horizontal blind so not up on the glass panes themselves just one piece and with no lines or wires going across the opening so that when it's open when it's retracted you barely even notice it to be honest which is exactly what we wanted.“

The million-dollar question, we asked if Andie would recommend WindowTreat and the Venus Electric roof lantern blind to her friends and family: “Yes absolutely.”