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Michael & Camilla | Athena Electric Roof Lantern Blind

Electric Roof Lantern Blinds

The Athena Electric Roof Lantern Blind

The Athena Large Electric Roof lantern blind boasts a symmetrical look with easy to clean cassette boxes at both ends. Inside the cassette boxes, the engineering brilliance of the Athena Electric Roof Lantern Blinds | No Visible Guidewires ( is hidden away from dust, flies and view allowing it to blend into your lantern’s upstand. (White is standard but any RAL colour can be offered).

Michael & Camilla had an Athena electric roof lantern blind installed in their home, we contacted Ian for some feedback on the Venus electric roof lantern blind.

To start with, Michael & Camilla gave some back story: “Well, we got the extension, our kitchen extension did a few years ago because we had quite a small dark kitchen and quite a big family home with three young children, so we extended it to have some bifold dolls on one side and a roof lantern, which has transformed our home. It's been fantastic and for most of the year it's perfect but in the summer months it does get a lot of direct sunlight and it does get quite hot. So, after living with it for about a year or two we decided we needed some blinds and after a first DIY attempt that I did and failed on, we thought we'd get some professionals in to do a proper job and we looked at the roof London first which is quite a long and narrow roof lantern so, we've got a motorized blind on there that we were looking at options on and that's been fantastic. We went through various options with your colleague and we didn't want anything too heavy but we wanted something that was going to block out a lot of the direct sunlight, so that was our top priority and that the bi-fold doors, we had some blinds that as I mentioned I put up which were doing okay but they weren't ideal. So we've gone for two blinds, one kind of covering three of the pains and then another one at the end that covers the two extra ones that we sometimes open and it's been fantastic we've gone through the summer now and it's made it a perfect environment that we spend a lot of time in. So, it offers great shade when we need it and then at the moment we've got the blinds up and we're just enjoying the daylight so, yeah it's been a perfect solution for us and works very well great and I'm also going to say I'm looking forward to seeing what it's like over the winter because part of one of the other reasons was to see if we can keep some of the heat in more. After all, this room does get quite chilly.”

The million-dollar question, we asked if Michael & Camilla would recommend WindowTreat and the Venus Electric roof lantern blind to their friends and family: “Yes without hesitation, yeah we've had a really positive experience with you and we're really pleased with the outcome so absolutely!”