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Anti Glare Window Film & Solar Window Film


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Natural daylight increases energy, wellbeing and productivity. Buildings that allow an abundance of light in have been shown to have a positive effect on increasing employee productivity and retail sales, and improving student test scores and patient recovery times. There are guidelines around the amount of light employees should have in order to be efficient and healthy in the workplace. But, too much light can also present problems with glare, reflection, eye strain and fatigue, and can even make some areas of a building unusable.

Our innovative window films and intelligent blinds will automatically and effectively manage natural light throughout your building, ensuring even distribution and reducing any problematic excessive light. Dynamic and able to respond to changing conditions, our window solutions allow you to benefit from natural light all year round. With no solar glare and less reliance on artificial lighting, you’ll save energy and increase the wellbeing, comfort and effectiveness of your employees.

Window film

In areas where you may need to reduce light levels, such as conference rooms or where presentations are being delivered, you can use blinds to eliminate glare and reflections. However, blinds also block views and reduce the level of natural light that comes in through your windows, so you’ll have to rely more on artificial lighting, which increases your energy costs.

Our market-leading solar control window film offers the perfect solution. With unique light management technology, our window film will reduce the amount of glare and discomfort caused by natural light, when applied to your existing glazing. Reflecting 99% of the sun’s UV rays, our window film is, effectively, like sunglasses for your glazing – allowing you to control solar glare, while still allowing plenty of highly beneficial natural daylight into your building. 

Daylight redirection film

Our innovative daylight redirection film increases the penetration of daylight by redirecting sunlight from windows deeper into your building. By redirecting light up to 40ft (12 metres) into your building, our window film creates a perfect balance, all across a room. And, because the light is directed upwards, it dramatically reduces the glare and discomfort too much natural light can cause.

Evenly distributing natural daylight throughout your building significantly reduces the need for artificial lighting, which can save you up to 52% on lighting energy, reducing your costs and your carbon footprint. Our daylight redirection window film is easily integrated into new or existing glazing and offers a far superior solution to other daylighting products. 

Automated blinds

Our intelligent automatic blinds offer effortless control of natural daylight, providing a dynamic solution to managing the levels of light across your building. Manual blinds are rarely fully utilised or adjusted to respond to changes in light levels. This results in a lack of natural light and more of a reliance on artificial lighting, which increases energy consumption.

Our automated blinds give you flexibility to programme them to be down when you need them to be, but to maximise natural light when glare and reflection isn’t an issue. The automation system gives you complete control over the settings at the touch of a button and lets your timer take care of everything. Our intelligent blinds will even monitor light levels and temperature. With our motorised blinds you can effectively manage the natural daylight in your building, for a productive and energy efficient environment. 

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