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Alexa, SIRI & Google Home Integrated Smart Blinds

Somfy TaHoma

Connection & Automation at its best.

SOMFY TaHoma makes your blinds smart. There are many functions of SOMFY TaHoma. Connecting yout blinds to the internet, allowinf you to open and close your blinds from your smartphone. Whether youre home or not. 


Siri Controlled Electric Blinds

Say Hey To Siri. Say Hello To The Future.

Voice control is something that we are all getting more and more used to. We love the thought of not having to lift a finger. Now you can stay right where you are and tell Siri, Alexa, or Google Home to open and close the blinds for you, with help from SOMFY TaHoma.

Siri Voice Controlled Blinds.

Control your blinds with you Apple devices, your Apple iPhone, iWatch and the Apple Home pod. Just say “Hey Siri, Close the blinds” and your blinds will drop gracefully.

We all keep our phones on us almost all the time, so why not use them as our switch, opening your home to the outside world from your phone.

Alexa Controlled Electric Blinds

Alexa Voice Controlled Blinds

Alexa open my blinds – Let Alexa be the link between your voice and your blinds. You just need to tell Alexa what you would like your blinds to do, and it will do it!

Alexa EchoGoogle Controlled Electric Blinds

Google Home Voice Controlled Blinds

Ok Google… Close My Blinds Halfway. Have your blinds open and stop where you want. You don’t need to move, swich or look at your phone, just speak!

Google Home