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Don't Mess Up. Discover The Right Fabric For Your Electric Roof Lantern Blind.

Whether you aim to manage light levels, control summer heat or provide privacy from neighbours. Your roof lantern blind fabric will need to defy gravity. To avoid undesirable ripples and sagging in the blind cloth, we need to engineer more tension into the fabric the larger the blinds and your electric roof lanterns become.


How Do You Choose The Right Fabric For Your Electric Roof Lantern Blind?


Our electric roof lantern blind fabrics for your roof lantern blinds have been specifically designed to have constant tension applied to them. This enables our roof lantern blind systems to achieve the desired cloth finish however big your roof lantern blind gets. Choosing the right fabric is essential if you're going to get the best results from your investment.

As well as seeking a contemporary look that works with your interior design. Your fabric performance, in terms of heat rejection, glare, control, privacy and light management are critical considerations depending on your demands from our fabrics.

WindowTreat considers many factors; the tightness of the weave, the amount of solar energy being reflected through your glazing, the amount of energy being absorbed by the fabric and re-radiating back into your living space, also the amount of light passing through.

While this white screen fabric is great for rejecting heat, it's not a good choice for glare control as it can create a lightbox of brightness above you, which can be very distracting especially on screens and televisions.

These polyester screen fabrics filter the light into your living space, reducing light levels with no view through its tight fabric. This makes it our go-to range when you need privacy from your neighbours. The tight weave will also ensure a cosier winter environment in your home.

The barrier created between you and the cold glazing will eliminate those drafts. The lighter colours offer great summer heat rejection and the darker colours are better for glare control. The white-grey fabric in the middle of this roof lantern blind is the sweet spot if you need to achieve both.

These glass fibre fabrics have a white backing, enabling them to reject more heat. Even the darker shades will reject more heat than the previous polyester counterparts because they are less absorbent and the weave is not as tight so an equivalent colour in the glass fibre range will allow more light to enter your living space.

The newest range to our portfolio is a great upgrade from the house screen fabrics, the composition of these fabrics is different. They are manufactured with a metallized backing providing unrivalled heat rejection in any of the four interior colours. All of them offer good glare control, whilst avoiding the concerns of a lightbox effect even in white. If heat and glare are the most important factors to you, coupled with the view out through your fabric then any of these will work well for you

if you are aiming for a cinematic environment or designing a bedroom for the perfect night's sleep then our blackout ranges will allow you to achieve this the good news is that the colour will not affect the room darkening performance so you can incorporate the colour that works best for your interior design this PVC range gives a full ceiling type effect with a nice shine to it with the lighter colours performing better for heat rejection

If you require heat rejection with a darker colour, then choose the white glass fibre blackout range. These offer great heat rejection, as well as the desired room darkening. They have more of a fabric appearance than the PVC range and look more like traditional clothes. All these fabrics can be combined with any of our roof lantern blind systems.

Consider automation, this is relatively inexpensive and will give your electric roof lantern blind fabric intelligence. Heat-rejecting fabrics closing when the sun comes out or a bedroom blackout fabric opening in the morning can benefit our lives. You can also conceal your blinds with Blindspace blind boxes.


Take control of the light that is entering your home. WIth WndowTreats electric roof lantern blinds you will always feel in control, cosy and comfortable.