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Don't Mess Up. Discover The Right Fabric For Your Electric Roof Lantern Blind.

Whether you aim to manage light levels, control summer heat or provide privacy from neighbours. Your roof lantern blind fabric will need to defy gravity. To avoid undesirable ripples and sagging in the blind cloth, we need to engineer more tension into the fabric the larger the blinds and your roof lanterns become.

Zips into side-channels your specialized fabric is kept towards by a zombie motor in the cloth tube and spring boxes at the other end that applies tension to the fabric there are limitations on the size of the blinds if the desired cloth finish is to be maintained.

Your bespoke blind, up to 2.4 meters long can use a Somfy motor that is battery powered that effortlessly charges up using the solar panel. Up to two meters wide there are no visible cords across the lantern opening as they are hidden within the side channels. This blind can be increased to 2.5 meters wide and still maintain that desired finish the compromise, however, is a third spring box using a discrete but visible white nylon cord across the centre of the opening which applies more tension with a few spare in place a mains powered blind is a great option our standard system has the increased length of three meters whilst maintaining the desired cloth finish as previous with the battery version as the width increases beyond two meters to 2.5 meters a third spring box and cord is required as well as the two hidden in the side channels beyond this to a maximum of three meters wide a third and fourth set of spring boxes and cores are required to give extra tension to maintain that desired finish upgrading to our high-performance roof blind will allow you to obtain a three-meter wide blind without any visible cords.

this high-performance blind has a heavy-duty hem bar to prevent sag stronger Somfy motor and specially designed spring boxes that provide three times more tension than the standard system this blind has a maximum length of 3.7 meters with the two tension wires running within the side channels you get a truly cordless opening.

our pull together roof blind has twin blinds that draw towards each other with both zomfi motors in the cloth tubes and standard tension spring boxes at each end of your opening the blinds will pull together simultaneously or independently up to two meters wide the white nylon cords are discreetly positioned at the edges of the blind the system can be used for lantern openings up to five meters the fabric tensioning roof blind provides the ultimate in cloth finish this is a double motor system using a special sample motor at both ends of the blind the motors talk to each other through a control box as the blind is traveling to constantly manage the moving and finishing tension of the fabric this is an engineering solution for larger roof lanterns where the two visible steel cables can be embraced in order to easily shade areas four meters wide by six meters long with that flat tight finish if the opening of your lantern is less than 2.5 meters wide then the two 1.5 millimeter steel cables can be positioned towards the edges providing a more discreet look if your lantern opening is wider than 2.5 meters then the two steel cables will be equally spaced across the hem bar to ensure the desired cloth finish the fabric tensioning system requires special electrics with some complexity so please contact us directly for further information all these blinds come with a programmable remote handset as standard but they can also be automated to open and close using timers heat and light sensors or voice activation contact me at WindowTreat and we'll take a deeper dive into your roof lantern blind requirements.

This is an amazing solution, but if you are in the midst of a new build or extension, then you have the wonderful opportunity to invest in concealed blinds by building Blindspace boxes into the window structure. Concealed blinds using Blindspace are popular due to their minimalist appearance and clean lines.

Another approach, which incredibly is even more minimalist, is to invest in external rooflight blinds that can’t be seen from inside and offer up to 97 per cent solar heat rejection.

Electric Roof Lantern Blinds can be mains-powered. However, you can click the following links to explore solar-powered roof lantern blinds and battery-powered roof lantern blinds.