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The ray of sunlight shone through the upstairs window above the staircase. It stretched its energy across the brand new wooden flooring. My sense of panic was all too real. I had been indulgent and put in a beautiful wooden floor from Scandinavia throughout the entire upstairs.

Natural light is beautiful, but behind its golden locks lies a story of irreversible destruction. For what I am about to tell you is a story of photons, light beams, acid attacks, heat and humidity causing chemical and physical damage to your workplace, home and possessions.

The damage is irreversible and manifests itself as fading, yellowing, darkening and even disintegration of materials. Heat, relative humidity (RH for short), light and pollutants are known as the Agents of Deterioration.

The aim is to block these Agents of Deterioration before they can damage any of the items you care about.

I phoned my brother and founder of WindowTreat, and 3 hours later Andy and Chris installed 3M Thinsulate Climate Control 75 on all my windows to save the precious floors from the Agents of Deterioration.

From the moment an object is created it starts to deteriorate.

Ultraviolet radiation is the most well-known villain in the story. Its high energy can change complex molecular structures by breaking the bonds between atoms. Unbeknown to the human eye a photon is released. A double bond between two atoms becomes one and here endeth the chemistry lesson before I embarrass myself. Light is scattered differently on the material, which will eventually appear bleached or faded. Hint – window film and our FeelSafe Glazing rejects virtually all the ultra violet light.

Surface temperatures of dark insulating materials exposed to direct sunlight, such as dark wood, textiles and plastics can quickly reach 40°C above the ambient air temperature. The rate of deterioration can increase by several hundred-fold if the item is routinely hit by a sunbeam. Window films which reject the radiant heat from the sun and transmit virtually all the natural light are the perfect, invisible friend for your home or workplace.

High temperatures can cause evaporation of moisture from objects and that can in turn result in deformation or cracking. When the surface cools it reabsorbs moisture and the cycle of fluctuating relative humidity (RH) continues. Again, controlling very rapid changes in surface temperature will help enormously.

Unnecessary visible light fades or darkens the outer layer of paints and wood. Hint – automated blackout blinds will make life easy to protect your possessions when you are not occupying the room and embracing the light when you are present.

Contaminants such as grease from human hands, dust and pollution in towns and cities cause abrasion and acidic coatings to damage surfaces.

Physical deterioration and chemical deterioration are interrelated. For example, chemical changes in textiles caused by interactions with light also weaken the fabric so that physical damage such as rips and tears may occur.

So in short, if you want to keep your home or work environment looking newer for longer or if you wish to protect an investment, like my wooden floors, then consider some superhero products like one of our clever window films, intelligent blinds or FeelSafe Glazing.