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The Ultimate Guide to One-Way Window Film


How can you add privacy into your windows with a one-way privacy window film? You’ll find out how it works, how we install it and all the questions that are most commonly asked. One-way privacy window film can also be known as two-way mirror film or daylight privacy film.

Unlike most privacy window films, which are much too transparent and reflective, one-way privacy window film can provide privacy for the daytime and night-time*

The most affordable and effective solution for enhancing window privacy is the application of a reflective window film. Once applied, the window film will make the exterior of the glass mirrored, creating the desired privacy.

one-way privacy window film

I'm Looking For Both Daytime & Nighttime Privacy

If you are looking for night-time privacy, you’ll need a highly reflective one-way privacy window film.

One-way privacy window film is a thin poly material that incorporates many layers to control different properties of the film, such as UV light, glare and privacy while enhancing privacy. It also makes your windows more energy efficient by reflecting the suns rays. It also helps with glare on your TV and other screens.

How can it work at night?

For many homes, this answer is simple, get some solar-powered exterior lights that point directly at your windows. As long as it is lighter on the outside, you will have privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is one-way privacy window film installed on the interior or the exterior side of the glass?

One-way privacy window film is installed on the interior side of the window, this will allow the window film to last longer than if it were to be externally installed.

Can it create privacy between two rooms?

We would not recommend using a one-way privacy window film for room-to-room privacy, but it is possible, you’ll need to have one room a bit darker than the other for this to work.

Different Applications of One-Way Window Film

Dichroic Window Film

Dichroic window film also creates privacy to your home, with a new look too! It makes your windows look beautiful and reflect different colours, depending on where you’re looking at them from.

Other Options

  • Electric Blinds
    • Electric blinds create the modern aesthetic look and feel to your home, with extra control. Unlike window film, you can choose when your blinds are up or down, whereas window film is an always-on technology  

  • Frosted window film
    • Frosted window film is great for use where you wouldn’t like to see in or out of your windows, this is popular for front doors or bathroom windows.