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3M Thinsulate Window Film Price


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  • Thinsulate's Value To You

It's not about the cost, it's about the value that 3M Thinsulate has to you - we see it as an investment.

How much value will the 3M Thinsulate window film have to you?

Our window film from 3M saves you not only from the harsh weather from the outside world, but also from the hasstle of trying to keep your home looking newer for longer, up to 3 times longer to be precise. If you're having doubts on whether or not 3M Thinsulate CC75 actually works, check out our article where we test out the 3M Thinsulate thermal window film with a thermal imaging camera - you'll be blown away by the results!

3M Thermal window film allowing a lady to turn down her heating. Saving her up to 10% per degree.

  • Fading Furniture

Any worries about the sun's rays damaging your home's interior are eliminated once you have invested in 3M Thinsulate thermal window film.

Insulating film will be giving you peice of mind when it comes to fading on your funiture and home's interior.

Firstly, to eliminate fading, we must understand what it is and how it happens. So, what is fading? Fading is an effect on the surfaces of your home that make the surfaces seem as if they have been bleached. Some surafaces/objects are are more likely to be effected by the fading, such as dyed textiles and water colours. How does fading happen? Fading is caused by UV (Ultraviolet) rays - and the sun is a big emitter of UV rays. The rays can break down chemical bods that make the colours on surfaces and objects. and this will fade the colour. You can find out more about the science of fading in our article all about fading.

The 3M Thinsulate thermal window film helps eliminate fading, giving you the peice of mind you need and saving you lots of money. How does preventing fading save you money? Well, it means that your furniture and serfaces will look newer for up to three times longer, meaning you won't have to replace your funiture, flooring or re-decorate your home for much longer than if you left your windows bare. It also help mantain a contact relative humidity, meaning that wooden items such as pianos or tables are also protected, it also protects any art work you may have hanging up in your home.

The winter sun shining, possibly causing fading through the windows of the homes.

  • Save on energy bills

Spend less on heating your home.

No more compensating for the cold spots in your home. Why make parts of your home too hot just to make the cold spots a little warmer?

Bills, on top of bills, on top of bills. Isn't it time for something good to happen? Wait no, not something good... Something great, extrodinary. The 3M Thinsulate thermal window film will save you up to 10% per degree on your thermostat. What does this mean to you? If you can turn your heating down by one degree, you've just saved yourself 10% - Imagine turning it down by three dregrees, or even five degrees without sacrificing your warmth and comfort. The 3M Thinsulate thermal window film is the eco and wallet friendly solution for your home.

piggy bank with coins that have been saves because of 3m thinsulate window film.

  • Use more of your home

No more 'phantom drafts'

Sit right next to your windows and you'll still be comfortably warm.

Use every inch f your home - after all, you'll be able to with the 3M thinsulate thermal window film. You'll be able to go right up to the windows and feel no drop in temperature at all. The 3M thermal thinsulate window film reduces heat loss by up to 38%.

Lady standing right next to her window because of 3M thinsulate window film

Here at WindowTreat we perfer to call it an investment, we don't see it is a cost. When you work on your home with WindowTreat you're investing in your home and comfort. With the 3M Thinsulate Window FIlm you'll be investing in your comfort during the cooler times when your body heat (Radiant heat) will be excaping through the windows. The 3M thinsulate CC73 window film reflects the radiant heat, bouncing it back into your home.

See the pricing table below to get a rough guide on how much your window film may cost. These prices are a guide to give you an idea of how much your 3M insulation window film will cost you. If you would like a more accurate pricing, contact us and a window treatment specialist will give you an accurate price.


£150-£200 Per Square Metre

This price is inclusive of VAT.

Labor prices are not included. Contact us for more information.

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