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Prestige Garden Living Pod
Luxury For Your Garden

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Simple Design - Sturdy Structures - Motorised

The Prestige - Garden Living Pod

For those who appreciate limitless outdoor living, our top of the line Prestige Outdoor Living PodTM offers all the freedom you could desire from a terrace canopy. Thanks to its ingenious design, not only can you play with sun and shade by rotating the louvers through 135 degrees but you can fully retract the roof for the complete open-air alfresco experience and maximum sunlight. And when closed, the louvers lock together providing shelter from the rain and even snow.


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Prestige pergola



How the Electric Retractable Roof works

Like our pergolas with opening roofs, our retractable roof pergolas feature a series of aluminium louvers that lock together to form an entirely watertight roof covering. These louvers are fitted with a stainless steel axle in each end that attach to a series of cogs set on a rollertube inside the front and rear cross beams of the pergola concealed behind cosmetic brushes. Additionally, a hi-tensile belt runs around and is connected to the cogs in each crossbeam. This belt connects to a spindle fitted at each end of a rollertube contained inside the side cross beam (the opposite to the side the roof slides open towards).

The rollertubes are fitted with an integrated tubular motor like our electric awnings, complete with radio receivers that allow them to be wirelessly operated via remote control. With our sliding roof pergolas you have the same function as our opening roof pergolas, for the louvers to rotate, this time from closed to 135 degrees or for maximum sunlight and the complete open-air alfresco experience to completely slide open.

When the ‘rotate’ function is selected, the motor inside the rollertube in the rear cross beam turns, which pivots the axles rotating the roof louvers. The motor is limited to stop when the louvers are rotated to 135 degrees, however, it can be stopped via the remote control at any desired position in-between.

When the ‘slide’ function is selected, the louvers automatically rotate to 90 degrees via the rotate function before the motor inside the side cross beam turns, pulling the belt and subsequently sliding the roof open, with each louver as it opens interlocking with each other, so when it is fully slid open there being a minimum build-up. It is possible as the motor is sliding to stop it on the remote control so the roof is only part slid open.

Clever sensors integrated within the motors ensure the roof louvers do not rotate if a command is sent from the remote control when the roof is part or fully slid open, without the roof closing again first and each louver being correctly aligned/spaced to allow them to rotate correctly. Additionally, before sliding open, sensors ensure each louver is perfectly vertical so they smoothly slide open.

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