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Radiant Heat

This is the great misunderstanding. Nearly all of us think of air temperature when considering thermal comfort. However, there is another temperature called Mean Radiant Temperature, which is much more important.

We feel warm or even hot on a brisk, fresh spring day when a cloud drifts passed the sun and we are suddenly exposed to the  radiant heat of the sun.

Avid skiers know that despite the icy temperatures they feel warm from the sun’s radiant heat.

The sun’s radiant heat is at least as big a factor on comfort as the air temperature. We believe it has a much bigger impact.

3M All Seasons Amber is especially good at reflecting the radiant heat compared with other window films that are suitable for conservatory glass roofs.


Even a dripping tap will fill a bucket and so it is with the sun and your conservatory.

Solar window film ensures our clients are comfortable and the testimonials speak for themselves.

However, if there is no ventilation then even the greatly reduced solar heat gain will warm the conservatory. Windows, roof vents must be opened.

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