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Conservatory Window Film


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Conservatories open up a world of opportunities for extra space in the home.

Unfortunately, the sheer amount of glass lends itself to a conservatory only being comfortably used for a few months of the year, due to the heat created by the sun’s rays penetrating the glazing.

So, enjoy your conservatory with the addition of conservatory window film.

Conservatory Window Film

Often, in the summer when you want to use it most, the radiant heat from the sun creates huge discomfort. You may find you need to utilise fans, which will have an impact on your energy bills, or that you aren’t able to comfortably be in the space at all. With our conservatory window film you can cost-effectively enjoy your conservatory for more hours each day.

Conservatory Window Film

3M Conservatory Window Film is the perfect solution for controlling the heat that enters your home through your glazing.

Our innovative solar window films have unique heat management technology, which stops up to 80% of the sun’s radiant heat from coming through your windows.

When applied to your existing glazing, our solar window film reflects the sun’s radiant heat before it even enters the glass, offering a highly effective way to reduce the solar heat through your windows. By preventing the sun’s radiation, you have great protection against fluctuating temperatures and uncomfortable hot spots. With high visible light transmission and optical clarity, our solar window films are virtually undetectable, so you can enjoy a cooler and brighter interior, without affecting the aesthetics of your home.

Don't invest in solar shading for conservatories until you have read the "10 Considerations When Choosing a Conservatory Window Film".

Discover why 3M All Seasons Amber is our best-selling Conservatory Roof Window Film in the Product Review.

Do you have a polycarbonate roof on your conservatory? 3M Plastic 15 and CoolKote are WindowTreat's leading Polycarbonate Window Films. If your polycarbonate conservatory roof has a is shallow pitch then Conservatory Solar Inserts have some significant advantages. If you have not heard of Polycarbonate Solar Inserts then it is a must read.

What About the Side Glazing? Take a look in the Knowledge Centre to understand the science behind solar heat gain in conservatories. After reading the article you will want to consider filming the side glazing with 3M Prestige 70 External.

Installing blinds on the roof of my south-facing conservatory didn’t solve the problem of the glare and heat of the afternoon sun. After having solar window film installed by WindowTreat the difference was immediate. I can now sit comfortably in my conservatory when the sun is shining. It’s such a transformation.

Ellen Lister

What Our Customers Say About Us

"I'm very pleased I can use the room all the time, even in hot temperatures". 
- Jennifer, Didcot

"Just had window film installed in my conservatory and already the heat is reduced. Excellent job, installers professional and polite - and tidied up after themselves." 
- Elaine, High Wycombe

"WindowTreat had the best understanding of our glazing systems and how their products would perform. We have definitely noticed a reduction in solar gain and glare and as a result we are much more comfortable.  Delighted!" 
- Philip, London

“The difference in glare and intensity of heat was immediate and I am now able to sit in the conservatory comfortably in the afternoon when the sun is shining. It is such a transformation.” 
- Shalesh, Basingstoke

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