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Daylight Redirection Window Film

Just as too much light coming into the home can cause problems, so can not enough. Having sufficient natural light is important for our health and wellbeing, alongside reducing energy costs sue to less reliance on artificial lighting.

In rooms that are too dark, our daylight redirection film can extend the light deeper into the space, creating a wonderful light environment and enhanced comfort. Responding to changing conditions, our innovative window film will ensure the right amount of light is evenly distributed, for the perfect ambience throughout your home.

Daylight redirection window film

Our innovative daylight redirection window film increases the penetration of daylight, by moving excess light that’s close to the window and redirecting it deeper into the room. This allows natural daylight to be perfectly balanced around the room, and saves energy by reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Installed in the upper portion of either new or existing windows, the film redirects over 80% of daylight upwards, towards the ceiling, allowing natural light to penetrate deeper into the room, and diffusing light to be more evenly distributed. Daylight redirection film is a far more effective solution than light shelves, which will only bounce light into one area on the ceiling and, as it’s virtually undetectable, offers a superior solution.

light redirection

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