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Silver reflective Conservatory Roof Film

Big in capability, small in budget

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Exceptional Control Of Daylight

Does Your Conservatory Need Heat Control?

Worried about the heat in your conservatory? Has your conservatory been a ‘no go’ area at times? 

The sweltering heat and glare is part of our weather now and is set to be a little hotter and less predictable every year. Thousands of conservatories are being upgraded to cope with the heat. 

Investing in conservatory window film is an opportunity to make your conservatory an enjoyable space to relax. The conservatory is the room of the home that connects us best with the outside. 


Blindspace for bi-fold and sliding doors
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Reflective Silver Conservatory Roof Window Film Is Big In Capability, Small In-Budget.

High Reflective Silver Window Film is the most widely installed solar control window films in the UK and globally. It reduces high levels of incoming solar heat and glare coming in through your glass, which can significantly improve living conditions. Creates a more comfortable environment and can reduce tiredness and eyestrain. 

This reflective silver film works by giving an external mirrored appearance to the glass, similar to looking at a panel of reflective glass. Offers one-way daytime privacy for security or to avoid being overlooked. Filters out virtually all UV rays, helping to protect fabrics and furnishings.  


All values for engineering parameters are determined by the manufacturers using independent and certified testing laboratories. However, the performance results are calculated on single pane glass or old double glazing. Results vary significantly on modern double glazing found on conservatory roofs. 



  Total Solar Energy Without Conservatory Window Film Total Solar Energy Rejected With Conservatory Window Film Solar Energy Reduction Due To Conservatory Window Film Glare Reduction (For visual comfort and using screens) UV Rejection (For shading and skin protection
Single-Pane Glass 15% 78% 74% 79% 99%
Very Old Double-Pane Glass 25% 68% 57% 79% 99%
Older Low-E Double Glazing 29% 61% 45% 79% 99%
Modern Low-E With Argon 40% 64% 40% 79% 99%
Very High Performing Solar Double Glazing Let Us Know Your Glazing Let Us Know Your Glazing Let Us Know Your Glazing Let Us Know Your Glazing Let Us Know Your Glazing


Reflective Silver Conservatory Roof Window Film Cost

Conservatory owners buy Reflective Silver when the size of the investment is the primary consideration and WindowTreat is the best place to ensure your pounds and pennies go further.  WindowTreat always aims to offer the best price for our high quality, sputtered* Reflective Silver 20Customers understand the value we bring. If you find the near impossible and come up with a cheaper supplier then let us know so that we can review the price. 


*never purchase a dyed reflective silver window film as it is a false economy. 


3M All Seasons 35 conservatory roof film is better at rejecting the sun’s radiant heat and letting in significantly more natural light. This makes for a better conservatory cooling film. Often other rooms are dependent on the natural light from the conservatory. 

Low Reflect Extreme conservatory roof film is better at controlling glare and rejects slightly more heat. Samples appear dark, but when the conservatory is filmed, the Reflective Silver will appear two to three times brighter. 

However, the technology involved in 3M All Seasons 35 and Low Reflect Extreme mean that we cannot offer them at a similar price. 


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