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Rooflight Blinds - Electric, Solar & Battery Powered

Rooflight blinds are the solution for your privacy, light and heat issues.

Maybe you’ve recently had a new rooflight installed in your home, alongside a beautiful new extension, or maybe you’ve had a rooflight for a while. We understand the struggles that come alongside having a rooflight in your home. We know that there may be an endless list of issues that you are having, maybe you’re struggling to control the heat in your home on hot days. Or keep your home warm on winter nights. We know that glare might be an issue when using your phone, tablet or watching TV. Whatever the problem, we know.

Not only do we know the struggles, but we also know what solutions will be best for you. WindowTreat are your rooflight blind specialist.

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Shut roof lantern blinds at a clients house

Rooflight Blinds Made to Measure.

Are you worried that there aren’t any rooflight blinds that will fit your rooflight? Look no further. At WindowTreat we do our best to ensure that the blinds will fit your rooflight without a struggle. We will make the process as simple as possible for you, starting with a free virtual appointment that you can book right now on this page! Just tap the button below, you won’t regret it – oh, and there’s no need to worry, for all our customers we promise that there is no sales pressure at all. You tell us your problem and we’ll tell you the solution that we think would best suit you, your home, and your family. We won’t force you into any unnecessary transaction. We are WindowTreat.

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Customer's roof lantern blind open with LED lights around the edge

Your electric rooflight blind is smart and convenient.

There are many different uses for your new electric rooflight blind. All of which are extremely useful and make your life easier seamlessly. The electric rooflight blind makes it so much easier to cover hard to reach glass panels, meaning you’ll have full control over the amount of light and heat passing through the glass panes. You can open and close the blind remotely via remote control, switch or even your smartphone and other smart devices. There is also the innovative function where you can pre-program your electric rooflight blinds to open and close as certain points in the day.

Easy and effortless living. Set your body clock in harmony with natural light and enjoy healthier sleep, energy and being the best, you can be.

Our electric rooflight blinds connect you with the outside during the day, whilst intelligently managing heat and light, Excellent build quality is backed by our 5-year warranty. Join us in being the best you can be.

Our external or internal, intelligent automated electric rooflight blinds offer effortless control of light levels throughout your home at the touch of a button, or via your Alexa or Google Home or through clever heat and light sensors. Scenarios can be set up allowing you to set the perfect position for your blinds, depending on the time of day and your own comfort, light, and privacy preferences, wherever you are.

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External roof light blinds

Many different rooflight blinds to suit your needs and styles.

We have a huge variety of fabrics to give you different styles and functions. Whatever the issue you're having and style of your home, we’ll have a solution for you. We have fabrics that can reduce heat whilst allowing sunlight to come through, creating a shading effect whereas we also have fabrics that can act as a blackout, blocking all sunlight from entering your home, drastically reducing the temperature and glare in your home.

Our electric rooflight blinds help reduce the amount of excessive light and heat that enters through your rooflights and rooflights, without compromising on the aesthetics of your home, your views, or the even distribution of natural light. Putting you in control of the light levels means you can enjoy a comfortable and usable environment, wherever you have glass roofs and rooflights in your home.

Whether you know what you need or you’re looking for guidance book a free virtual appointment today.

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Customer's house with their roof lantern blinds open


The ability to operate the two halves of the Twin Rooflight Blind independently offers you the unique control of natural light whilst eliminating glare.

The Twin Rooflight Blinds system harnesses a pair of rooflight blinds running in the same side channels, drawing from opposite ends to meet in the centre of large openings.

The Twin rooflight Blinds system has two headboxes at each end of the blind. The blind fabric is locked into the side channels using zip technology and tensioned via powerful constant-tension spring (CTS) units.

The headboxes and side channels can be fixed through the top, face or sides as required and all fixings are completely concealed. This enables a choice of how to install the blind to meet your needs.

This is the ideal solution if you have a light in the middle of the rooflight.


Choose Wire-Guided for small rooflights up to 4m2.

This vertical system can also be used to make bottom-up roller blinds, including shaped blinds to suit gable-ends or sloping head-windows.

The fabric travels along side guide wires.

It is recommended that this blind is motorised, but a crank handle is available if budget cannot be flexed to the longer-lasting electric rooflight blind.

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Design your blinds to disappear.

BlindSpace boxes bring clean lines and minimalism to homes by concealing blinds elegantly within ceilings and recesses.

Ideally, this is best planned before or during the build phase of a home improvement project or new build project.


The WindowTreat rooflight Blind can shade or darken large areas with minimal sagging.

This is a system that can operate at any angle from sloped to horizontal, with the blind drawing upwards, downwards or sideways.

The blind can be hidden away in the BlindSpace box within the recess if you at the planning stage. If the rooflight is already built then a shelving system provides the elegance and perfect platform for years of maintenance operation.

It is recommended that the blind is motorised. However, for smaller rooflights a crank-handle is available.


Most blinds leverage a single motor system in the cloth tube and constant tension springs (CTS) in the other end that keep the fabric under tension. Small to medium-sized blinds can be battery operated and recharged with solar panels or with a charger. Mains powered blinds are slightly quieter.

Wireless Blinds

As blinds get bigger there may be visible cord. A wireless system uses more powerful constant tension springs and a more rigid hem bar to prevent sag.

FTS Blinds

Fabric-Tensioning System (FTS) Blinds have a motor at both ends which communicate to optimise the travel and tension of the fabric.

Depending on the draw and width required, an FTS blind can be up to 6.5m wide and up to 20m long.


Tinted window film offers the ideal solution for reducing the light levels and preventing uncomfortable glare from the sun. With unique light management technology, our solar window films reduce the glare and discomfort that the sun’s rays create when they enter your glazing.

Reflecting 99% of UV rays, our window film acts like sunglasses for your glazing, so you can control the levels of light, to create a comfortable and usable space. For rooms that are exceptionally bright, a darker film will significantly reduce the light levels, without obstructing your view out, allowing you to enjoy a glare-free environment and a perfect ambience in the home.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

"I'm very pleased I can use the room all the time, even in hot temperatures". 
- Jennifer, Didcot

"Just had window film installed in my conservatory and already the heat is reduced. Excellent job, installers professional and polite - and tidied up after themselves." 
- Elaine, High Wycombe

"WindowTreat had the best understanding of our glazing systems and how their products would perform. We have definitely noticed a reduction in solar gain and glare and as a result we are much more comfortable.  Delighted!" 
- Philip, London

“The difference in glare and intensity of heat was immediate and I am now able to sit in the conservatory comfortably in the afternoon when the sun is shining. It is such a transformation.” 
- Shalesh, Basingstoke

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