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Ian | Venus Electric Roof Lantern Blind

Electric Roof Lantern Blinds

The Venus Electric Roof Lantern Blind

The Venus Large Electric Roof lantern blind boasts a symmetrical look with easy to clean cassette boxes at both ends. Inside the cassette boxes, the engineering brilliance of the Venus Electric Roof Lantern Blinds | No Visible Guidewires ( is hidden away from dust, flies and view allowing it to blend into your lantern’s upstand. (White is standard but any RAL colour can be offered).

Ian had a Venus electric roof lantern blind installed in his home, we contacted Ian for some feedback on the Venus electric roof lantern blind.

To start with, Ian gave some back story: “We moved to this house exactly a year ago and this room here was the previous owners’ children's playroom. So, they wanted as much light as possible. They flooded the place with this big roof lantern and that was fine for that purpose, but our use of this space is primarily an office because my daughter and myself now work from home. Also, my wife uses it as a gym because she's got the Peloton bike, the problem being that we have three screens in here and obviously, it's a terrible thing to shut out sunlight but you could not see the screens with the roof lanterns, so the option was to put in some kind of blind to dampen the light when we were working or when the Peloton's being used and this seemed the perfect solution.”

The million-dollar question, we asked if Ian would recommend WindowTreat and the Venus Electric roof lantern blind to his friends and family: “Yes most definitely, when people have come over and seen it and they've been pretty wowed by this closing blind above them they've asked who fitted it who was the company and yeah we most definitely would recommend anyone to get this blind if they have the issues that we had.”