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3M Window film
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Exceptional Control Of Heat - Exceptional Control Of Glare - Perfection For Privacy

Make Your Home Cool, Cosy, Safe & Secure With 3M Window Film

3M Window Film allows you and your family to live comfortably in every room of your home. Whether you're worried about excessive heat and glare, faded furnishings, security or privacy, there's a 3M Window Film to help you enhance the comfort of your home.

3M Prestige 70 External Window Film
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Our installers are referred to as gems. After a smooth installation of your window film, you will enjoy the comfort for years to come.


Why Choose 3M Window Film?

Choosing the right window treatment can factor in a lot of questions and requirements. So, 3M Window Film, why should you choose it? Firstly, 3M Window Film is innovative and well ahead of any other window film manufacturer. 3M make sure that all the tests on their Window Film are thorough, making sure that their window film is; more effective, better looking and longer-lasting.

You'll know that your windows are covered with 3M Window Film, not by the looks, but by the feeling of comfort that you'll get throughout your home. 3M Window Film is designed to keep as close to the original look of your glazing as possible. With both great manufacturing, designing and science, paired with an outstanding installation from WindowTreat, you'll find that 3M Window Film looks, feels and encourages comfort through your home.

Some 3M Window Films contain no metals, meaning that they won't rust or decay outside, perfect for any setting or location, 3M Window Film is an investment that you want in your home.


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Solar Window Film

3M window film leads the way in unique technologies. Prestige, Night vision, and Thinsulate offer significant advantages in aesthetics, thermal comfort and light control. All Seasons 35 (Or All Seasons Amber* 35) has an outstanding performance for an internal film on a modern double glazing window. Nickle 50 is a subtle film and is a beautiful complement to buildings that are made primarily from steel or glass. All of these products are perfect for conservatories. You can find out more about our conservatory window films here.

3M Prestige is arguably the perfect solar window film. The perfect solar window film would: Reject 100% of the harmful radiation from the sun, reject the sun's uncomfortable radiant heat, blend in beautifully with your windows and let you choose how much natural light is transmitted.

Discover the unique qualities of these window films by pressing on the book now button for a call back from one of our window treatment specialists. Discover how to outsmart the sun with 3M Prestige Solar Control Window Film, available in different light transmissions. One will be perfect for you.

*The Amber in all seasons amber does not reflect that the film is the colour amber.

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Insulation Window Film

Protect your family from the icy bite of winter. Add a virtually indetectable layer to your glass turning older windows into energy-efficient Low-E windows. What's the secret? It's 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film.

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Safety & Security Window Film

The national counter-terrorism security office chose WindowTreat to train all 280 Counter-Terrorism Security advisers in making glass safe. We offer a bomb blast modeling and consultancy service in making glass safer from the risk of a bomb detonation shattering glass, sending it propelled through the air. We also offer a full range of safety solutions from traditional anti-shatter films to 3M Ultra Safety Window Films and glass anchorage systems to hold the filmed glass to their frames. 3M Ultra Safety window films are the pinnacle of security and bomb blast window films due to their unique structure.

“WindowTreat assisted the National Counter Terrorism Security Office with the training of the national network of Counter Terrorism Security Advisors. Their knowledge and vast experience in glazing have assisted Counter Terrorism Security Advisors in reducing the vulnerabilities of sites throughout the UK.”

- The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO)

"Over the years I have dealt with several window film suppliers, but WindowTreat were the only ones with the proven flexibility to meet the reactive demands of the marine industry."

- Richard Hussey, Maritime Security Adviser


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Privacy Window Film

The very subtle 3M Night Vision 25 and reflective window films provide privacy for you in your home during daylight hours. However, the stunning stat is that 3M Night Vision 25 is the overwhelming choice for the homeowner.


Night Vision is subtle and does not create a mirror effect inside your home at night.

Silver Reflective Conservatory Window Film


Silver 50 Window Film











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Customer Stories

We could sit here all day and tell you how amazing 3M Window Film is, but we should let our work do the talking.


3M Prestige


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3M Thinsulate


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3M All Seasons 3M


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3M Night Vision


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The 'Safe Pair Of Hands' For Your New 3M Window Film

WindowTreat are your go-to window treatment specialist for all your window treatment needs - our installers will leave your home tidy and have your 3M Window Film look great!

Trading Standards Approved For Window Films

The Buy With Confidence Scheme operated by Trading Standards sets the bar high for your 3M Window Film installation. Trading Standards conduct tests on our customer-facing processes to ensure that you can move ahead with the right supplier for your 3M Window Film.

WindowTreat are trading standars approved & part of the buy with confidence scheme

Impeccable Window Film Installations

Our window film installers are the elite in the industry, They take immense pride in their work. You will find your 3M Window Film installer polite and you will see Henry the Hoover helping keep your home clean throughout the window film installation.

WindowTreat have been nominated for many different awards

10-Year Warranty On Some 3M Window Films

10-Year Manufacturers Warranty

10-Year Unique WindowTreat workmanship guarantee, we will come and solve any problems due to incorrect installation.

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