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Concealed Blinds - Connect With The Outside With No Obstructions - Less Blinds = More Space To View

Hidden Blinds - Discover Blindspace®

Hidden Blinds That Disappear With Blindspace

Hidden Blindspace boxes are built into the window structure of your home. The hidden blinds magically appear and disappear out and into the ceiling, window frame, or roof lantern. The outstanding finish that Blindspace brings to your home is outstanding and breathtaking. Its purity will wow you, your family, and your guests as they will see your hidden blinds appear out of thin air. The good thing is - You don't have to be a magician to pull off this trick.

Blindspace your home with WindowTreat.

Watch the Blindspace video here!

Are you not too sure what to look for? Check out the buyers' guide to Blindspace here!

Blindspace for bi-fold and sliding doors
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Your Buyers' Guide To Blindspace

If you want to find out more about Blindspace then our handy Buyers' Guide to Blindspace is just what you need. 

This buyers' guide will help you in your journey, alongside our Blindspace specialist. Read our Blindspace buyers' guide and book a callback with WindowTreat today.

Read the Blindspace buyers' guide today!

Buyers' Guide to Blindspace





Blindspace - The World In Your Window

Jump on to the minimalist and daylighting megatrend with Blindspace.

Hidden blinds give you the best view. Design a Blindspace box into your window structure so that you can savour your unobstructed views with concealed blinds right from your home. WindowTreat your home with Blindspace. Make the most of the view and enjoy the style of Blindspace. Blindspace is an extraordinary way to hide, conceal and show off your blinds, all at the same time. The engineering genius of Blindspace® is what creates your simplistic, minimal window to the world.

If you're seeking the luxury, prestigious and minimalist look, Blindspace is the perfect addition to your home, make your invisible blinds with Blindspace. One thing to always remember is that it is never too early to speak to WindowTreat, the Blindspace specialists. In fact the earlier, the better! Book an appointment now and speak to one of the WindowTreat specialists and make your blinds disappear! If you're looking for something to guide you through the buying process, check out the Blinspace Buying Guide that we have put together to make your new build to go a smoothly as possible, this new guide is for the property owners, architects and designers. Find the Blindspace Buyers' Guide here!


Blindspace for your roof lantern


Blindspace - Superior Blackout Blinds. No Gaps, No Light.

Who turned out the lights? Oh... We did.


Enjoy a rich, cinematic experience and a perfect night's sleep. The concealed electric blinds give you total light control of your environment. Hidden blinds glide deep into the window structure eliminating light ingress. Introduce yourself to Blindspace and experience true blackout and total control of the light entering your home.

With the Blindspace box, you can create the ultimate blackout, that is perfect for your home cinema to create the ultimate immersion or your bedroom for a perfect nights sleep. The side changed to hide the blinds in the sides and the bottom of your windows so that there is no light coming through the gaps... Because there are simply no gaps for the light to come through in the first place!

Blindspace blackout blinds

As well as this: you can additionally hide the hembar in a hidden compartment beneath your blinds!


Blindspace Is Simple. Yes, that simple. 


There isn't anything more simple than nothing and with Blindspace, you get a concealed blind that slides into... Nothing. Hidden blinds leave nothing except for the energizing connection with the outside world. Enjoy.


Blindspace for windows

Say Hello to Blindspace For Your Roof Lantern.


Reach for the stars with hidden blinds. Blindspace your world.

Look up to the sky with no obstructions. When you want to make your blinds appear out of nowhere, you can! Blindspace boxes conceal your roof lantern blinds and skylight blinds, making them disappear and allowing a full view of the sky and stars when the blinds are open.

Wake up to the gradual sunlight at whatever time you choose, with TaHoma, you can set you blind to open and close depending on many different factors, using IFTTT (If This Then That)

Blindspace for your roof lantern


Beauty at it's finest. Create hidden blinds with Blindspace.

View the beauty of blindspace here with our interview with James.


The 'Safe Pair Of Hands' For Your Blindspace Concealed, Hidden, Invisible Blinds 

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