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3M Prestige Solar Window Film

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Ultimate Solar Control in Your Home

The Perfect Window Film
3M Prestige Window Film


The perfect solar film would stop all the harmful Ultra Violet radiation and all the uncomfortable near-infrared heat from the sun.

With 3M Prestige Window Film Series, you can enjoy the benefits of a world-class window film while leaving the beauty of your windows virtually unchanged.

The technology in the Prestige window film is unique. There are no metals. Instead, 3M Prestige is constructed of hundreds of microscopic layers of film. Each layer of the film reflects the sun’s heat.

3M Prestige 70 External
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What Are The Benefits of Getting Prestige Installed?

With 3M Prestige Window Film, you'll get high visible light transmission and high clarity, meaning that your home will be brighter and you'll not have to use as much energy on powering your light in your home saving you energy on your electricity.

3M Prestige Window Film significantly reduces excessive heat in warmer months, this is good as you won't have to use as much energy as you would if you had lots of fans running all over your home, costing you lots on your energy bills.

3M Prestige Window Film also help reduce glare and discomfort to your eyes, perfect for those who game, watch TV, read and use phones or tablets a lot.

You can also prolong the life and vibrancy of the fabric, carpets and, furniture with 3M Prestige Window Film. Giving you the chance to keep your home looking newer for longer.

It's also helpful with reducing the chance of injury due to flying glass, as 3M Prestige Window Film adheres to the glass, so most of the glass should stay together if it were to smash or shatter.

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Prestige 70 External Window Film

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How Does 3M Prestige Window Film Measure Up?

The revolutionary 3M Prestige Window Film uses Multi-Layer Optical Film technology. There are over 200 layers of high grade, optically clear polyester in Prestige window film, each layer reflecting the sun’s heat and UV away. All that technology called nanotechnology because it approaches atomic and molecular scale, packaged in the best-performing window film which is only half the thickness of a 3M Post-It® note and finer than a human hair.

This innovation contains no metals ensuring that there is no risk of corrosion. Consequently, the limited manufacturer-backed product warranty is class-leading for an external film, 10 years on vertical glazing.

3M Prestige Window Films reject a jaw-dropping 97 per cent of the near infra-red heat. This is the part of the sun’s rays that causes thermal discomfort. Building interiors are kept cool and air-conditioned environments consume significantly less electricity.

UV is the primary cause of fading. Over time, UV irreversibly damages organic materials such as wooden floors, curtains, sofas and paintings. Prestige solar films reject 99.9 per cent of the Ultraviolet light.

What about light levels? You get to choose how much light is right for your situation. 3M Prestige window film comes in 3 choices each one filtering a different amount of natural light. The darkest is best for reducing glare and the lightest transmits virtually all the natural light.

3M Prestige films contain no metals and therefore they will not interfere with WI-FI networks or other wireless communications.

The 3M Prestige window film has marginally less reflectivity than glass, so the appearance of the home or building is virtually unchanged.

The Prestige Window Film Exterior series is unique in the window film industry. They are the only films to offer a high visible light transmittance and high clarity in a film with very low reflectivity and high light to solar gain ratio.

Because the Prestige Exterior range of films do not contain metals they do not need edge sealing except where water can potentially pool. Edge sealing is a potential source of failure, which would result in the rapid deterioration of most other external films.

They do this all in the metal-free film that will not corrode and does not interfere with electronic devices such as mobile phones.

The light to solar gain ratio is important as it indicates how effective it is at reducing the uncomfortable radiant heat whilst transmitting light.

Why would anyone choose an exterior film?

Performance At Different Angles

There is an additional 10% energy rejection when the sun is at an angle of 60 degrees.

No Chance of Corrosion

Whilst it looks simple the actual construction is very complex.

The film is made up of over 200 layers totalling a thickness of a twentieth of a millimetre.

An easy way of visualising the film is to think of two packs of post-it notes. The 200 layers are thinner than a single Post-It note. All this with no metals.

The energy from the sun is broken into 3 types. Ultraviolet accounts for 3% of the solar energy, visible light accounts for 49% of the energy and the remaining 48% is infrared energy.

An ideal film would block 100% of both the ultraviolet and the infra-red radiation and have a visible light level selected by the occupant dependent on the application.



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The 'Safe Pair Of Hands' For Your 3M Prestige Window Film 

WindowTreat are your go-to window treatment specialist for all your window treatment needs - our installers will leave your home tidy and have your 3M Prestige Window Film look great!

Trading Standards Approved For 3M Window Film

The Buy With Confidence Scheme operated by Trading Standards sets the bar high for your window film installation. Trading Standards conduct tests on our customer-facing processes to ensure that you can move ahead with the right supplier for your 3M Prestige window film.

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Impeccable 3M prestige window film Installations

Our 3M window film installers are the elite in the industry, They take immense pride in their work. You will find your 3M prestige window film installer polite and you will see Henry the Hoover helping keep your home clean throughout the window film installation.

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10-Year Warranty On 3M Prestige Window Film

3M are the leaders in developing and manufacturing window film.

That's why they offer a 10-Year manufacturers warranty if the film fails.

If there are any problems with the installation of the window film, WindowTreat offers a unique 10-year workmanship garuntee.

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