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Evolve® Zero Electric Blinds

For Wide windows

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Zero Deflection,  Zero Compromise, Minimal Aesthetic. 
More than a mere window covering; it's a game-changer

Discover Evolve® Zero: Elevate Your Space with Minimalist Elegance

Imagine having brand new bifold doors or an expansive window that spans up to 5m in width. You're captivated by the sheer beauty pouring in, and you're determined to maintain a truly minimalistic aesthetic. However, the blinds you've come across either sag unattractively, are divided into multiple sections, or lack the refined elegance you desire.

Enter Evolve® Zero – your ultimate solution. Featuring a sleek 44mm roller and capable of spanning up to 5m in width, this single blind boasts Zero Deflection/Sag, ensuring an aesthetic masterpiece that effortlessly covers the entire distance.

And if you're aiming for sheer luxury, consider pairing Evolve® Zero with our innovative BLINDSPACE® system. By seamlessly concealing a 5m-wide blind within a discreet 100mm x 100mm recess, you allow your stunning view to take center stage.

But there's more! Evolve® Zero is perfect for blackout needs as well, accommodating a 5m-wide system that guarantees privacy and light control. Imagine the convenience of a continuous, non-sagging blind that effortlessly blocks out unwanted light.


Blindspace for bi-fold and sliding doors

Zoomtech®, the Magic Behind Evolve® Zero's Slim Design

How does Evolve® Zero achieve all this within such a slender profile? The answer lies in Zoomtech® gravity compensation technology, an integral part of its design.


Decoding Zoomtech® Gravity Compensation Technology


Zoomtech® gravity compensation technology employs a pre-stressed metal beam, combined with other ingenious (but secret) elements, to effectively counteract the load exerted across the roller's width. This ensures that the roller maintains zero deflection, providing a seamless visual experience.


In the imagery below, you can see the difference between deflection in a beam without Zoomtech®, compared to a beam with Zoomtech® and zero deflection! Even the slightest deflection can cause "Saggy" or "Smiley" blinds!


Do note: even a phenomenal blind system cannot counteract poor quality blind materials, as such, there is an approved list of tested materials!



Blindspace for bi-fold and sliding doors

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