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What is one-way window film?

One-way window film is a window film that creates a mirrored effect towards the exterior side of your glazing raising the reflectivity so you are not overlooked.

One-way window film is often called mirror film, daylight privacy film, and daytime privacy film.

However, a one-way window film does not need to be very reflective to work. It needs to just be reflective enough. That is why the 3M Night Vision 25 in the above photos is 80 percent of all or one-way window film sales. It slightly increases the external reflectivity. It does just enough and therefore keeps its subtle appearance.

During daytime hours people passing by the filmed windows will not be able to look into your home. You will be able to enjoy a clear view and connection with the outside. One-way window film can be installed in any room of your home, although not recommended for internal room-to-room privacy.

Privacy Night Vision 25 one-way Window film
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Ultimate privacy, as if by magic. How does one-way window film work?

When you have walked through customs at an airport then you have probably walked past mirrors on the walls. This is a one-way window film. Another example is the line-up in the police station with a witness identifying the potential culprit to a crime.

The witness or customs officer is in a poorly lit room behind the window. The customs control or line-up area at the police station is significantly better lit.

The mirror finish on the film means that only a reflection is visible.

privacy one-way window film before and after

Does one-way window film work at night?

The short answer is no, one-way window film does not provide any privacy at night. However, put up some external lighting and keep the lighting dimmed inside and it will work. Street lighting could be your source of external lighting. The key is that the external light level is higher than inside.

Many customers install our electric blinds to achieve 24/7 privacy. Many of our electric blinds are so advanced that they can close automatically at dusk. Daylight privacy film and electric blinds give the impression that you are in, which is what we call ‘applied occupancy’. Protect your home.

Do electric blinds fit your requirements more? Visit our electric blinds page here.

privacy window film

Will one-way window film darken my room?

Yes. However, your eyes and brain are amazing. Your eyes dilate when space is darker enabling you to see more light. What this means the reduction in the light you see is much less than the reduction in measured light. Check out the knowledge centre article. If you have small windows then you can go for a lighter film because the inside will be darker.

If you have large windows then you are getting a lot of natural light and will need to go for a darker film.

one-way window film on bi-fold doors

What is the thermal compatibility test?

Window films absorb heat. Some films absorb more heat than others, which increases the thermal stress on the glass. We calculate the thermal stress to ensure that the recommended film stays below the break strengths of the glazing.

Therefore, we are likely to ask you about the type of glazing and kitemarks in the corners of the panes.

This due diligence is what you should expect from a very professional window film company. Book your call back with WindowTreat now, and a window treatment specialist will talk you through getting the right solution that is right for your glass.

Note that external films are unlikely to cause thermal stress on the glazing so there is always a way.

Things to keep in mind when having one-way window film installed.

If you are thinking about getting one-way window film installed, there are a couple of points to keep in mind when deciding if this is the best window film for you.

The first thing to keep in mind is that conventionally, one-way window film does not work at night. The one-way window film works if there is light directly cast upon the surface. If it’s dark outside and light inside, the one-way window film will give the opposite effect then it does in the daytime. The inside will be mirrored and the outside will be transparent. Unfortunately, with current window film technology, there is no way to achieve 24-hour privacy.

The other thing to keep in mind is that no matter how dark of a tint you choose the one-way window film will always change the appearance of your glass. Although, if you choose a higher tint, the effect will be less than that of a lower tint. A lower tint will allow less light to pass through than a higher tint.

WindowTreat are specialists in window film and one-way window film. We’re here to give you the facts, book a call back from one of our window treatment specialists.

What are the different one-way window film solutions?

Here at WindowTreat, we believe that getting you the best privacy solutions is key to enjoying your home knowing that you are not overlooked.

The overwhelmingly popular choice is 3M Night Vision 25 because it is subtle and has no reflective finish internally. However, if the glazing is modern double or triple glazing then it needs to be toughened glass. If the room is a dual aspect then consider 3M Night Vision 15 due to the extra lighting within the room.

Silver 20 and Silver 35 reflective window film are budget solutions and provide wonderful daylight privacy. However, they are not subtle because of their highly reflective finish, with a mirror appearance, especially the darker Silver 20. At night, there is a strong internal reflection so it will look mirrored when you lookout. Ghost reflections can appear internally on dull days.

3M All Seasons 35 is a great choice if solar heat gain is an issue. Or go externally with 3M Silver 35 External.

Silver 20 mirrored one-way window film

Silver 35 External Window Film

Silver 35 External Privacy One-Way Window Film reflects the sky, the trees and the buildings surrounding your home. The effect can look stunning.


Silver 35 One-Way Privacy Window Film

The ultimate benefits of one-way window film

One-way window film offers much more than just daytime privacy. One-way window film has many other benefits that you should know about.

One of the benefits is reflectivity, this is a great benefit as it makes your windows perfect UV blockers.  One-way window film can block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, this will protect you and your family from sunburns and it can help your home stop fading, making furniture and other surfaces last longer.

Also, certain one-way window films are the ultimate glare controllers, which is ideal for home offices, rooms with screens, for watching TV, Gaming, or just browsing the internet and social media. This is perfect for your vision as your eyes are having a rest from the stress and strain of looking at a screen that’s turned into a mirror.

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Night Vision 25, provided by WindowTreat, has proved an outstanding solution.  Two years ago, Chris and his team fitted all my ‘overlooked’ windows with the WindowTreat Low Reflect product and returned recently to put the same film on the windows and bi-fold doors of a new extension.3M Night Vision 25 One Way Window Film Get A Quote

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