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The Contemporary Alternative To Net Curtains

WindowTreat invite you to consider our Privacy Window Film as an alternative to net curtains

Net curtains are out of date and haven’t been as desirable for a long time, unfortunately – most people don’t know that there is a better, modern alternative to net curtains. If you take a look down a street in England, you’ll most likely see them in someone’s window. So, why is it that so many people struggle to find an alternative to letting in light and adding privacy at the same time? Most of the time, it’s down to lack of knowledge of the modern technology that there is out there. Fortunately, you’ve found the alternative to net curtains right here.

To find an alternative, we first need to look at the reason people have for installing net curtains into their windows. In most cases, you’ll find that the residents are trying to balance a good amount of light with privacy. Whether you live close to a busy road or you’re just generally worried about your security and privacy, your main goal will be to create that privacy without sacrificing too much natural sunlight. Natural light is astonishing and as well as the health benefits, it is also great for making a small space look bigger (a tip for your architects and designers out there).

So, if you’re not into the look and aesthetic of net curtains, as so many people aren’t these days, but you still want the benefits of privacy and natural light at the same time, what options do you have for introducing this balance into your home that is both modern, and looks great? Continue below and you’ll find out exactly what we can do to help you find the perfect, contemporary alternative to net curtains.

One-way privacy window films

One-way privacy window films are something that is dreamt of by many homeowners, a way for the residents to see out of their windows without anyone seeing inside the house. For some, this may sound impossible, but that’s the modern technology that WindowTreat are introducing you to.

One-way privacy window film can have different forms and aesthetics, from mirrored privacy window film to window film that’s coloured or covered in graphics of your choice (the graphics are more popular for your commercial customers).

We have a whole page dedicated to one-way privacy window film, where we go in-depth with different window films.

Frosted window films

Frosted window films, over the years, have become more and more popular as people look for something new, modern, stylish and seamless to increase the privacy of their home. Frosted window film creates great privacy, and lets in so much of the natural light that we love. Although it’s great that the light comes in and you get privacy, you lose the incredible view to the outside.

Electric vertical roller blinds

With a bunch of different colours, styles and control options, electric vertical roller blinds are smart, modern and a great alternative to net curtains. With no cords, these blinds are pet and children friendly.

What are the benefits of privacy window film?

  • Additional privacy during daylight hours. People passing by your home will be unable to see into your home, giving you a sense of privacy and extra safety.
  • A view that is not obscured by any net curtains or fabric. Maintain a clear view out of your window, whilst knowing that no one can see inside your home.
  • This is a modern solution. Everything is moving forward, and net curtains are coming out of fashion and look old-school, whereas, privacy window film is modern and looks great!
  • UV Protection. Protect your family and furniture from the suns harmful rays. All window films reject >99% of the suns UV radiation.
  • Glare reduction. Your room will become darker, as the window film is rejecting a lot of the Sun's light away, meaning that it will be easy to watch TV and use screens.

The alternative to net curtains

Product Specifications for The Alternative To Net Curtains

There are many different privacy window films to choose from and WindowTreat will guide you in the right direction so that you are able to make the right, informed decision. Here are the product specifications of the most common films that our customers choose. Note that the closer the percentages are to unfilmed glass, the more natural it looks. Book a callback with Steve, our window film specialist, to find out more.

  Visible Light Reflection (Exterior) Visible Light Reflection (Interior)
No Window Film 15% 15%
3M Night Vision 25 24% 8%
3M Night Vision 15 39% 11%
Silver 35 External 36% 37%
Silver 20 Internal 55% 58%

View our case studies

Traditional Cottage

This beautiful cottage has one-way privacy window film installed, ensuring the privacy of the occupants. The privacy window film beautifully compliments the look of the home from the exterior also, so it looks good, whilst maintaining that sense of privacy and security that is desired by many. WindowTreat can help to ensure your privacy with one-way privacy window film.

The Alternative to net curtains

Bi-Fold Doors

The overwhelmingly popular choice is 3M Night Vision 25 because it is subtle and has no reflective finish internally. However, if the glazing is modern double or triple glazing then it needs to be toughened glass. If the room is a dual aspect then consider 3M Night Vision 15 due to the extra lighting within the room. Our customer here was having problems with people looking over the wall in their back garden, meaning they felt as if they had no privacy in their own home, this is a great way to show the alternative to net curtains.

Privacy window film for bi-fold doors

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