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Specialists in electric roof lantern blinds, concealed blindspace blinds & 3M Window Film

Our revolutionary 3M window films, electric blinds, electric roof Lantern blinds & electric awnings are designed to solve many problems that glass can create around your home and in commercial settings. WindowTreat is renowned for its specialist advice and immaculate installations. The best results are when we are invited into the design process. We can't wait to meet you.

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Our windows connect us to the outside world. They bring healthy, natural light into our homes and offices, which is paramount to both ambience and wellbeing. But glass can present some problems, too, with uncomfortable temperatures, glare, privacy and safety.

You deserve the very best for your home and office environment for an increase in comfort, safety and productivity. Evenly dispersed heat and light can have incredible benefits on both your health, your comfort and your productivity. You don’t have to put up with hot and cold spots. There’s no need to have areas that are too bright and others that are too dark.

Our intelligent electric blinds give you the freedom to enjoy the sun’s light and radiant heat, on your terms. From preventing UV rays to creating the perfect atmosphere, our revolutionary window treatments give you the comfort you deserve and energy savings you’ll like.

In our considerable experience, the choice of glazing design and shading system should happen during the design stage of your project. This ensures your dream environment is not compromised by uncomfortable temperatures and glare whilst optimising your investment.

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3M Thinsulate CC75 Window Film 2021

Shaped Blinds

Shaped windows make our homes more interesting. We love that they can come in all different shapes and sizes. The only problem is the blinds. Blinds that don't take the shape of your window can be extremely harmful to the aesthetics of your home. Don't worry! We have the perfect blinds to block the light out of your home.

Shaped blinds - Gable end blindsView Shaped Blinds


Hidden Blindspace boxes are built into the window structure of your home. The hidden blinds magically appear and disappear out and into the ceiling, window frame, or roof lantern. The outstanding finish that Blindspace brings to your home is outstanding and breathtaking.

Blindspace concealed blindsView Blindspace

Electric Roof Lantern Blinds

The electric roof lantern blind comes in many forms and one of them will be perfect for your home. The secret is to contact WindowTreat and let a true expert about electric roof lantern blinds help you. Our objective is to give you the facts so that you can make the decision that is right for you.

Electric Roof Lantern BlindsView Electric Roof Lantern Blinds

Electric Blinds

You need sunlight to function in your day-to-day life. Our blinds can help you get the sun that you need. Whether it's waking you up in the morning with our Somfy Tahoma smart home kits, or just controlling the blinds as and when you wish. Love your windows, love your home. The WindowTreat Electric Blinds are an outstanding window treatment, making your home stand out from the crowd.

Electric BlindsView Electric Blinds

Commercial 3M Window Films

Natural light, controlled temperatures and a comfortable environment help to improve productivity, focus and well-being. While glazing brings natural light into a workplace, it can create many issues. Excessive heat, over-reliance on air conditioning systems, glare, eye strain, fatigue, security and privacy are all concerns.

Commercial 3M Window Film View Commercial 3M Window Film

Electric Awnings

Reject up to 97% of heat with our electric awnings, pergolas & garden living pods, and feel the difference in the summer months! Our range of electric awnings brings luxury to your patio and garden. From the classic awning to the prestigious modern pergolas, garden pods and twin awnings.

Electric AwningsView Electric Awnings

Bird Safety Window Film

We are proud to offer a solution that can make a real difference in the lives of birds while providing added benefits to your home or business. With our Bird Safety Window Film, you can help prevent birds from flying into your windows and save their lives.

Bird Safety Window FilmDiscover Bird Safety Window Film

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What Our Customers Say About Us

"I'm very pleased I can use the room all the time, even in hot temperatures". 
- Jennifer, Didcot

"Just had window film installed in my conservatory and already the heat is reduced. Excellent job, installers professional and polite - and tidied up after themselves." 
- Elaine, High Wycombe

"WindowTreat had the best understanding of our glazing systems and how their products would perform. We have definitely noticed a reduction in solar gain and glare and as a result we are much more comfortable.  Delighted!" 
- Philip, London

“The difference in glare and intensity of heat was immediate and I am now able to sit in the conservatory comfortably in the afternoon when the sun is shining. It is such a transformation.” 
- Shalesh, Basingstoke