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3M Thinsulate Window Film (Now solargard ecolux)

Insulate Your Windows With 3M Thinsulate CC75 Window Film (now solargard ecolux)

3M Thinsulate CC75 Window Film (Now Solargard Ecolux)  To Insulate Your Home


What is 3M Thinsulate window film (Now Solargard Ecolux)?

The magical 3M Thinsulate window film (Now Solargard Ecolux) for glass is not just any insulation window film. It's an insulation window film that will bring back your control, save you money and protect you, your family and your home's interior. All whilst keeping the heat in.
So, to answer the question of 'what is 3M Thinsulate window film (Now Solargard Ecolux)?' - It's a hot product!

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Your New 3M Thinsulate Window Film (Now Solargard Ecolux)


How does 3M Thinsulate CC75 Window Film (Now Solargard Ecolux) Work?

3M Thinsulate window film (Now Solargard Ecolux) for glassworks by rejecting heat back where it comes from, reducing your home's heat loss by up to 38%! Radiant heat is different from the air temperature. You - as a human, radiate heat constantly. If you sit next to a window, you would feel what seems to be a breeze. This feeling is actually the window stealing your body's hard-earned radiant heat. Yes, that's right... Your window is a radiant heat thief - smuggling all your lost radiant heat out into the outside atmosphere.

Usually, your first thought would be to reach for the thermostat and turn the heating up. This is a terrible mistake... You're practically throwing your money out the window. The 3M Thinsulate window film arrests the radiant heat thief (your windows) and throws the radiant heat back at you. In fact, your radiant heat never goes near the glass' radiant heat stealing panes again and the 3M Thinsulate window film (Now Solargard Ecolux) reflects it back into the room before reaching the glass. If you'd like a more technical explanation, just click here and it will take you to our page: 'How does 3M Thinsulate window film work'.

View our knowledge centre article on the magic of 3M Thinsulate  (Now Solargard Ecolux)


How Does 3M Thinsulate Window Film Work?


Save Money On Energy Bills During The Coldest of Months

During the winter, we turn up the heating substantially. What if we could help you turn the thermostat down, saving you 10% per degree on your energy bill? Here's some good news: We can!

Your new 3M Thinsulate Window Film (Now Solargard Ecolux) will save you so much money on your energy bill, as we said above - you'll save up to 10% per degree, saving you lots of money every year.

3M Thinsulate Window Film to Save Money

3M Thinsulate Window Film (Now Solargard Ecolux) is the perfect insulation window film for listed buildings.

The 3M Thinsulate insulation Window Film (Now Solargard Ecolux) is completely undetectable which makes it perfect for listed buildings, meaning that the building's glass will be left looking the exact same as it did before the 3M Thinsulate Window Film (Now Solargard Ecolux) had been installed.

As featured in our case study, view it here!

3M Thinsulate CC75 is Good For LIsted Buildings

What is the price of 3M Thinsulate Window Film (Now Solargard Ecolux)?


At WindowTreat, we don't see the price as a cost, we like to call it an investment - this is because you are investing in you and your family's health and comfort

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3M Thinsulate Window Film

The 'Safe Pair Of Hands' For Your 3M Thinsulate CC75 Window Film (Now Solargard Ecolux)

WindowTreat are your go-to window treatment specialist for all your window treatment needs - our installers will leave your home tidy and have your home insulated with 3M Thinsulate CC75 (Now Solargard Ecolux) in no time!

Trading Standards Approved

The Buy With Confidence Scheme operated by Trading Standards sets the bar high for your 3M Thinsulate Window Film (Now Solargard Ecolux) installation. Trading Standards conduct tests on our customer-facing processes to ensure that you can move ahead with the right supplier for you.

WindowTreat are trading standars approved & part of the buy with confidence scheme

Impeccable Installations

Our installers are the elite in the industry, They take immense pride in their work. You will find your 3M Window Film installer polite and you will see Henry the Hoover helping keep your home clean throughout the installation.

WindowTreat have been nominated for many different awards

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