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Blinds for bi-fold doors

Love daylight perfectly delivered

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Exceptional Control Of Daylight & Heat - Insect Screens - Concealment & Bi-Fold Options

Why do you need blinds for your bi-fold doors?

Bi-fold doors are brilliant but can be better with our blinds for bi-fold doors. Without blinds, you're letting in a bunch of uncontrolled light! This can be disastrous for the furniture and floors in your home. The sun's light can cause fading and make everything look older than it really is.



Blindspace for bi-fold and Bi-Fold doors


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The Different Configurations Available For Bi-Fold Door Blinds & Sliding Door Blinds.

There are many different configuration options for you. Bi-fold door blinds, depending on how many panels you have, we are just going to be listing three of the most common bi-fold door types.



3-Panel bi-fold door blinds confugrations



4-panel bi-fold door blinds


5-panel bi-fold door blinds configuration

There are other possible solutions and configurations, speak to a window treatment specialist to learn about what configuration would be best for you.

Internal Blinds for Bi-Fold Doors

Shading blinds for Bi-Fold doors create a beautiful look on the inside and out. Letting you see out. Providing heat rejection and some privacy.

External Blind For Bi-Fold Door cb blinds


Blindspace blinds for Bi-Fold doors

Blindspace blinds for Bi-Fold doors will create the minimalism that we all love! Providing your home with great elegance and beauty.

3-Panel bi-fold door blinds confugrations


Trading Standards Approved For Electric Roof Lantern Blinds

The Buy With Confidence Scheme operated by Trading Standards sets the bar high for your electric roof lantern blind installation. Trading Standards conduct tests on our customer-facing processes to ensure that you can move ahead with the right supplier for your electric roof lantern blind.

WindowTreat are trading standars approved & part of the buy with confidence scheme

Impeccable Electric Roof Lantern Blind Installations

Our electric roof lantern blind installers are the elite in the industry, They take immense pride in their work. You will find your electric roof lantern blind installer polite and you will see Henry the Hoover helping keep your home clean throughout the electric roof lantern blind installation.

WindowTreat have been nominated for many different awards

5-Year Warranty On Electric 'Roller' Roof Lantern Blinds

This is the industry-leading warranty for roller versions of electric roof lantern blinds. We believe in the high quality of the WindowTreat Electric Roof Lantern Blind.

WindowTreat offer a 5 year warranty with our electric roof lantern blinds


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