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Conservatory Too Hot? - Simply Too Bright? - Furnishings Fading?

Why Conservatory Window Film?

The conservatory is a wonderfully ‘light and airy space where you gain a room and connect with the outside. It is unlike any other room in the home.

However, there is a big problem and that is why you have invested your valuable time to search for conservatory window film. The good news is that you have landed on our conservatory window film page.

We are here to listen to you and then recommend the right conservatory window film for you. We are here to help you fall in love with your conservatory or at the very least turn it into a usable office, dining area or living space.

Interior view of conservatory solar window film: 3M Prestige 70 External.
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Discover The Perfect Conservatory Window Film For You

3M All Seasons 35 Conservatory Roof Window Film

3M All seasons 35 Conservatory Window Film3m x 3m £1,175

Low Reflect Extreme Conservatory Roof window film

Low reflect extreme conservatory roof window film3m x 3m £1,175

Reflective Silver Conservatory Roof Window Film

Reflective silver conservatory roof window film 3m x 3m £775

3M Prestige 70 External Conservatory Window Film (Sides)

3M Prestige solar window film£170 Per Sqm

Silver 50 External Conservatory Window Film (Sides)

Silver 50 Privacy and heat rejecting conservatory window film £60 Per Sqm

3M Thinsulate CC75 Conservatory Window Film (Sides)

3M Thinsulate conservatory insulating window film£200 Per Sqm

Discover how conservatory window film transforms the conservatory. 

The Family Rooms

A Living Room To Relax In, Thanks To Conservatory Window Film.

The floor to ceiling glass of a conservatory brings the outdoors in, making it the perfect place to relax and enjoy the views of the garden, whatever the weather. To add to the relaxing atmosphere of the conservatory, some of our customers have place scented candles around the room. Unfortunately, the Sun’s harmful rays would disrupt the relaxing environments. That’s why conservatory solar window film is the perfect solution to bring you closer to comfort and closer to the outdoors.

Conservatory solar window film will also help protect you, your family, and your furnishings. You and our family will be safe from the suns harmful UV rays as conservatory roof window film and conservatory window film for the side glazing will reflect and reject the Sun’s harmful rays from entering your conservatory, decreasing the risk of developing harmful skin conditions. Conservatory window film will help your furnishings to look newer for three times longer than they would if conservatory solar window film were not installed. Keep your carefully selected furniture looking newer for much longer and protect your floors and any artwork from fading/bleaching.

Conservatory window film will help you to sit back and relax after a long day.

External Blind For Bi-Fold Door cb blinds


The Children's Playroom, Thanks To Conservatory Window Film.

10% of the customers here at WindowTreat are using their conservatories as playrooms for their children. Our pleased customers: Lowenna and Kieron chose 3M All Seasons 35 for their conservatory roof glazing, and Silver 50 External solar window film on the side glazing of their conservatory. There were delighted by the change that it had made to the room and ad other windows around their home filmed with Silver 50 External Also.

Their two young children can not play indoors and outdoors during the summer months, with their toys readily available. The 3M All Seasons 35 providing Sun Protective Factor (SPF) 280 for the children and doing an amazing job at reducing embrittlement and fading for their toys. Toy storage boxes, brightly coloured pictures, little chairs ad cushions add to the fun and will do for three times longer than before.

Additionally, when Lowenna’s mum comes across, the conservatory makes as an extra bedroom.

A Room For Growing plants, and propagating, thanks to conservatory window film.


A famous architect with a love of plants enjoys a 15 Metre x 6 Metre pitched roof glazing over the heart of his apartment. It is much like a garden underneath. A biplane is suspended from the roof reflecting the owner’s passion for aircraft.

The architect reported back that all of the plants benefited from the heat reduction. (Apart from the cactus).

Another customer, Sonya uses her double-height conservatory as a garden room and for the grandchildren to play in. The soil before would dry out quickly and leaves would be burnt in the excessive heat from the sun.

The problem here was solved with 3M All Seasons 35 for the conservatory rood window film, which is unparalleled amongst internal solar window films in tackling the radiant heat of the sun whilst flooding the space with abundant natural light that is essential for plant life and photosynthesis.


Home Office Thanks To Conservatory Window Film


Our temperate climate means that it can be sunny one moment and then a cloud glides through the sun's path briefly providing shade before moving on to pastures new. Our bodies take about 10 minutes to adapt to thermal changes during which we are subtly distracted. The constant changes in radiant temperature cause havoc on our workday.

Sandeep chose Low Reflect Extreme Conservatory Window Film for the conservatory roof window film to reduce solar heat gain and glare on the computer screen. 3M Prestige 70 External was chosen for the side glazing on the two elevations that are most affected by the sun. Sandeep prefers to keep the doors and windows shut whilst his young children play in the garden. Consequently, a belt-and-braces approach to reduce as much solar heat gain as possible was embraced.

Sandeep's desk is positioned next to the windows. In winter, the glass is cold compared with Sandeep. Sandeep is 33 degrees. I know, we are very scientific when it comes to finding a solution for comfort and happiness! Sandeep risked radiating body heat to the colder glazing that is in proximity. This would give a feeling of a draft. 3 panes were filmed with 3M Thinsulate Climate Control 75 to reflect 86 per cent of the radiant heat back into the space improving winter comfort dramatically. A radiant heater pointing towards the desk and treated windows provides effective and very efficient heating instantly. The saving in heating the conservatory is about £200 per annum.

The 3M Prestige 70 and 3M Thinsulate CC75 are virtually undetectable. What this means is that the aesthetics of the conservatory are unchanged and a big financial saving because there was no need to film all the windows.


The Games Room Thanks To Conservatory Window Film

Fading And Embrittlement

Helen has a table football table that was once her children's. Helen's young grandchildren are now the beneficiaries. The subtle difference with this table is that the UV radiation, radiant heat and natural light has faded the players' shirts. They all appear the same. Much of the footballers' dignity has been dented by the embrittlement of their plastic shorts. Some shorts have broken away over time and no longer protect their modesty.

If Helen replaces the football table, then it will stand the test of time 3 times longer with the 3M All Seasons 35 for the conservatory roof window film and 3M Prestige 70 External on the side glazing.

Gaming On Screens

Tony loves gaming and uses his PlayStation in the conservatory with a giant screen. Excessive heat and persistent eye strain from unwanted reflections tainted the experience. Low Reflect Extreme Conservatory Cooling Window Film made the radiant temperature comfortable. The massive glare reduction, you have to go with a darker conservatory window film, ensured success for Tony on the big screen as visual discomfort became history.

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