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Conservatory Cooling Films: Glass Roof Films and Conservatory Window Films

Conservatory Cooling Film For Your Conservatory Windows And Glass Roof

Tired of overheating?

Feel you need sunglasses?

Furniture is fading?

Distracting glare on screens?

Struggling to concentrate?

Join the hundreds of WindowTreat customers who smartly invested in conservatory cooling film for their conservatory roof and invested in external solar film for their conservatory windows.

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There is no sales pressure whatsoever. Our policy is to give you the facts about conservatory cooling films so that you can make the right choice for you.

Clients benefit most from an online video call because we have more vaulable information about conservatory roof film and conservatory window film that we share with you. However, it is absolutely fine if this is not for you. Just complete the form at the bottom of the page, email or contact us on 01256 345580


Simply The Best Conservatory Roof Film And Conservatory Window Film Range For Cooling Your Conservatory

We understand the struggle to fully enjoy your conservatory when the sun is at its brightest. That's why we offer the very best conservatory window films, solar window films for shading the side glazing, and our award-winning service to tackle your conservatory cooling problem.

Reflective Silver Conservatory Roof Window Film

The best conservatory roof film on the tightest of budgets.

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3M Prestige 70 External Conservatory Window Film For The Side Glazing

97 percent rejection of the sun's radiant heat for ultimate comfort.

99.9% UV rejection to keep your furnishings looking newer for three times longer.

Virtually undetectable.


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Discover How Conservatory Window Films and Conservatory Roof Films Transform Conservatories Into Wonderful Spaces.

A Living Room To Relax In Thanks To Conservatory Cooling Films

The floor to ceiling glass of a conservatory brings the outdoors in, making it the perfect place to relax and enjoy the garden whatever the weather brings our customers.

Some customers have purchased scented candles. Others have surrounded themselves with plants, such as lavender. Beautiful, fragrant scents contribute to a relaxing and calming atmosphere.

Some of our customers have layered their furniture with throws and cushions to make space extra cosy.

And when it comes to relaxing, you want to keep your carefully chosen furniture looking newer for longer. Enjoy unwinding in a recliner chair or armchair with footstool. Sit back and unwind during weekends or after a long day. Indulge yourself.

A Children's Playroom Thanks To Conservatory Cooling Films 

10 percent of our customers use their conservatories as a children's playroom. Lowenna and Kieron chose 3M All Seasons 35 for the conservatory roof glazing and Silver 50 External on the side glazing. Truly delighted they filmed other rooms in their home with Silver 50 External as well.

Their two young children can play indoors and outdoors during the summer months with their toys readily available. The 3M All Seasons 35 providing Sun Protection Factor 280 for the children and doing an amazing job at reducing the embrittlement and fading of their toys.

 Toy storage boxes, brightly coloured pictures, little chairs, table and cushions add to the fun.

When Lowenna's mum comes across the conservatory makes an extra bedroom.


A Home Office Thanks To Conservatory Cooling Films

The Coronavirus has kickstarted home working. Millions of us are working from home one or more days every week. Conservatories everywhere are being used as home offices.

Home Office Conservatory Window Films 

Our temperate climate means that it can be sunny one moment and then a cloud glides through the sun's path briefly providing shade before moving on to pastures new. Our bodies take about 10 minutes to adapt to thermal changes during which we are subtly distracted. The constant changes in radiant temperature cause havoc on our work day.

Sandeep chose Low Reflect Extreme for the conservatory roof window film in order to reduce solar heat gain and glare on the computer screen. 3M Prestige 70 External was chosen or the side glazing on the two elevations that are most affected by the sun. Sandeep prefers to keep the doors and windows shut whilst his young children play in the garden. Consequently, a belt-and-braces approach to reduce as much solar heat gain as possible was embraced.

Sandeep's desk is positioned next to the windows. In winter the glass is cold compared with Sandeep. Sandeep is 33 degrees. I know, we are very scientific when it comes to finding a solution for comfort and happiness! Sandeep risked radiating body heat to the colder glazing that is in close proximity. This would give a feeling of a draft. 3 panes were filmed with 3M Thinsulate Climate Control 75 to reflect 86 per cent of the radiant heat back into the space improving winter comfort dramatically. A radiant heater pointing towards the desk and treated windows provides effective and very efficient heating instantly. The saving in heating the conservatory is about £200 per annum.

The 3M Prestige 70 and 3M Thinsulate CC75 are virtually undetectable. What this means is that the aesthetics of the conservatory are unchanged and a big financial saving because there was no need to film all the windows.


A Room To Propagate And Grow Plants Thanks To Conservatory Cooling Films

A famous architect with a love of plants enjoys a 15 metre by 6 metre pitched roof glazing over the heart of his apartment. It is like a garden underneath. A biplane is suspended from the roof reflecting the owner's passion for aircraft.

The architect reported back that all the plants benefited from the reduction in heat (apart from the cactus).

Another customer, Sonya, uses her double-height conservatory as a garden room and for her grandchildren to play in. The soil would dry out quickly and leaves would be burnt in the excessive heat of the sun.

The problem was solved with 3M All Seasons 35 for the conservatory roof window film, which is unparalleled amongst internal solar window films in tackling the radiant heat of the sun whilst flooding the space with abundant natural light that is essential for plant life and photosynthesis.

Games Room

Fading and Embrittlement

Helen has a table football table that was once her children's. Helen's young grandchildren are now the beneficiaries. The subtle difference with this table is that the UV radiation, radiant heat and natural light has faded the players shirts. They all appear the same. Much of the footballers' dignity has been dented by the embrittlement of their plastic shorts. Some shorts have broken away through the passage of time and no longer protect their modesty.

If Helen replaces the football table then it will stand the test of time 3 times longer with the 3M All Seasons 35 for the conservatory roof window film and 3M Prestige 70 External on the side glazing.


Tony loves gaming and uses his PlayStation in the conservatory with a giant screen. Excessive heat and persistent eye strain from unwanted reflections tainted the experience. Low Reflect Extreme Conservatory Cooling Window Film made the radiant temperature comfortable. The massive glare reduction, you have to go with a darker conservatory window film, ensured success for Tony on the big screen as visual discomfort became history.

Dining Room for Dinner Parties and Family Meals Thanks To Conservatory Cooling Films

Steve threw four bags of sand and a dozen seashells under the glass dining table in his conservatory. His guests took off their shoes and enjoyed a seafood extravaganza to remember. His little daughter and her friends delighted in playing in the sand inventing games.

The living room adjacent to the conservatory benefits from keeping abundant levels of natural light whilst rejecting the uncomfortable radiant heat. The 3M All Seasons 35 does a better job at rejecting the sun's radiant heat than any other internal conservatory roof window film.

The 3M Thinsulate Climate Control 75 on the side glazing and 3M All Seasons 35 on the roof glazing ensures that the dining area in the conservatory can be used in greater comfort throughout the year. The conservatory is relatively narrow which means that it is hard to avoid feeling the chill of the cold glazing on the family's necks and backs during the winter months. Thinsulate CC75, the undetectable insulating window film, reflects virtually all the radiant heat back into the conservatory reducing the feeling of a cold draft in the room. The radiant heater fitted by WindowTreat provides instant and very efficient heat that remains in the conservatory thanks to the insulation window film.

The investment in the conservatory window film has silently helped in the creation of many memories around Steve's glass dining table.

Extra Space for a Living Area Thanks To Conservatory Cooling Films

More and more of our customers are creating a second living room with a television and sofas. Richard works hard like so many and likes nothing more than putting his feet up and watching sport or a romantic movie with his partner.

They had considered putting in a solid roof with a Velux window, which would have made it an extension, but were put off by the size of the investment required.

Within 10 days of contacting WindowTreat, Richard could enjoy watching cricket on the large wall-mounted television in comfort. Low Reflect Extreme sorted out the heat and the issues with reflections and contrast on the television.

Silver 50 External Conservatory Window Film


Love how it looks from the outside with the tint

Conservatory Glare Control Window Film


We absolutely love it. It's the best decision we've made regarding our windows

3M Prestige 20 Window Film


WindowTreat gave me great advice and I'm more than satisfied with the results.

Heat & Glare window film for your conservatory


Job completed as promised. Installation perfect.

Conservatory window film


The WindowTreat installation was very diligent, thorough and professional.

Fading and heat control window film


WindowTreat was very professional from start to finish


Knowledge Centre Articles for Conservatory Cooling Films For Glass Roofs and Windows

Investment in a little extra knowledge will help you chose the right solution that truly enables you to enjoy the conservatory, which is a wonderful space like no other in your home.

The Perfect Conservatory 'Sun-Blocking' Roof Film

The sun's energy is made up of damaging UV rays, the sun's hot Infra-red radiant heat and a dose of healthy natural light (visible light).

For simplicity consider heat gain in a conservatory to be made up of the sun's radiant heat and natural light in equal measure, 50 percent each.

In our considerable experience it is much more important to block the radiant heat, which is uncomfortable on clear days between February and November.

You may notice when driving your car that it is sweltering even with the air conditioning doing a great job at keeping the air temperature at 18 to 21 degrees. Why is the car uncomfortable even though the air temperature is fine? This is because the radiant temperature from the sun is a sweaty 10 to 15 degrees hotter than the air temperature. It's hot and it is warming you and everything else in its path. Think of it as the difference between being in the sun and the shade. 

Natural light will turn to heat, the energy has to go somewhere, and if the conservatory is not ventilated it will result in a hot conservatory, just like a dripping tap will fill a bucket. Heat from natural light leads to a gentle rise in air temperature, which can usually be handled by just opening the doors and some windows.

Consequently, a film like 3M All Seasons 35 will do more for comfort than other internal conservatory roof window films because it blocks more of the radiant heat, whilst transmitting more natural light. The same is true for 3M Prestige 70 External for the side glazing.

If you are using your conservatory to watch TV or as an office then excessive natural light is going to be a problem too. You will need to consider a much darker conservatory roof window film such as Low Reflect Extreme or, if you have the budget, our amazing automated external blinds.

Conservatory UV Window Film


All our conservatory roof films and conservatory window films will eliminate virtually all the UV energy. What this means to you is that your furnishings and surfaces stay looking newer for three times longer.

Sun Protection Factor 285

Protect your skin and those of your loved ones from skin cancer. An investment in Conservatory Roof Film and Conservatory Window Film is like putting Sun Protection Factor 285 on your skin.

UV Protection In A Conservatory Window Film Is A Wonderful Bonus

You automatically get UV protection thrown in when you invest in a conservatory roof film or conservatory window film. This is a wonderful extra to help you enjoy your conservatory even more.

External Conservatory Roof Window Films

Yes, an external conservatory roof window film will reject more heat than the equivalent internal conservatory roof film. The trade off is longevity because an external window film on roof glazing (facing the sky) will have about a third to a quarter of the longevity of an internal conservatory roof window film.

We install 3M Prestige 20 External and 3M Prestige 40 External on request. They lasts twice as long as other external films on roof glazing, but also come with an investment that is twice that of 3M All Seasons 35.

We do not offer other external product ranges for conservatory roofs because they do not have the longevity for our customers to enjoy solar shading for years.

The side glazing is a completely different situation because a clear, non-reflective film on the side glazing is 5 times more effective at rejecting heat when installed externally than internally. The external window film installed on the side glazing will last up to three times longer than installed externally on the roof glazing.


What Our Customers Say About Us

"I'm very pleased I can use the room all the time, even in hot temperatures". 
- Jennifer, Didcot

"Just had window film installed in my conservatory and already the heat is reduced. Excellent job, installers professional and polite - and tidied up after themselves." 
- Elaine, High Wycombe

"WindowTreat had the best understanding of our glazing systems and how their products would perform. We have definitely noticed a reduction in solar gain and glare and as a result we are much more comfortable.  Delighted!" 
- Philip, London

“The difference in glare and intensity of heat was immediate and I am now able to sit in the conservatory comfortably in the afternoon when the sun is shining. It is such a transformation.” 
- Shalesh, Basingstoke

Other Conservatory Roof Solar Shading Products

Conservatory Roof Window Films are highly effective at making conservatories comfortable. Their clean lines, relatively lower investment, and performance make them appealing. However, there are other options to consider.

Over-Glass Awning Blinds - Offered By WindowTreat

Conservatory roof window film is highly effective, but an over-glass awning blind takes shading to another level with an incredible 90 percent heat rejection. This is significantly higher than any other solution with the exception of the solid roof.

The electric over-glass awning blind offers exceptional performance on bright, hot days and can be retracted on dull days to take advantage of passive solar heat gain. Surprisingly, they are effective at reducing winter heat loss on a freezing cold winter's night by reducing night-time radiative cooling.

The SOMFY motors are intelligent and integrate with sensors to respond to their environment.

The maximum width is a mind-blowing 7 metres.

Solid Roof - Not Offered By WindowTreat

This turns your conservatory into an extension, which can be used comfortably all the year round. Improvements in comfort and greater efficiency can make it an attractive option.

However, it can make the house appear darker. At WindowTreat we specialize in maintaining higher light levels and a strong connection with the outside.

Replacement Glass Roof - Not Offered By WindowTreat

Many customers opt for a replacement glass roof and still require additional shading. If you go down this route then opt for the very best solution with a g-value less than 0.30.

Internal Pleated Blinds - Not Offered By WindowTreat

Electric pleated blinds work well to tackle glare. Pleated blinds appeal aesthetically to some customers. Note that the pleats do trap a lot of dust and insects and are difficult to clean.

The investment is about twice that of a good conservatory roof window film. Despite being a blinds and window film company we have taken the decision not to offer pleated blinds for conservatory roofs because the longevity, maintenance and performance is inferior to our range of conservatory roof window films.

Electric Roller Blinds (Internal) - Offered By WindowTreat

The very best solar reflecting fabric coupled with intelligent SOMFY motors make this a terrific solution on rectangular windows.

The major advantage over conservatory window films for the roof and side glazing is that it is in place when you need it and retracted when you don't.

A connectivity with the outside is maintained as you can see through the fabric. It provides privacy during daylight hours, but not at night time with the lights on inside.  

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