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Buyers’ guide to Blindspace® by WindowTreat

Blindspace®, the extraordinary way to hide, conceal and show off your blinds, all at the same time. The engineering genius of Blindspace® is what creates your simplistic, minimal window to the world.

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Introduction Is Blindspace® for you? Planning your Blindspace® blinds
Concealed, hidden and invisible blinds Blindspace Box Sizes Where can Blindspace® be used?
Different control options Installation


With a product as elegant as Blindspace®, it is vital to know all about concealed, hidden and invisible blinds. The product is just one piece of the puzzle.

This step-by-step buyers’ guide to Blindspace® is your one-way ticket to luxurious, stylish and prestigious window treatments throughout your home.

Fortunately, you have already completed the first step! You have identified that you need to make your blinds disappear out of view. You know that your home deserves the best-looking windows possible, and you’ve taken action to research all about Blindspace®.

Something to keep in mind is that Blindspace® is not for everyone. Blindspace® is for those who are currently planning their new build, or extension. This guide is great for property owners, architects and designers. Unfortunately, Blindspace® cannot be introduced to a home that is already built.

So, part of the first step is thinking; is Blindspace® the right option for you? To answer this question there are many different factors to think of:

  • Am I currently in the planning stage of my new build or extension?
  • Do I want to have luxurious window treatments that combine style and functionality?
  • Have I got the budget to integrate Blindspace® into my new build or extension?

If you answered yes to all three of these questions, Blindspace® is the perfect option for you! Although, we still recommend speaking to one of WindowTreat’s window treatment and concealed blinds specialists. You can click here now to book an appointment with us, once you’ve booked an appointment feel free to continue reading this guide.

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Why is it best to start looking and researching Blindspace® before or during the planning phase?

This question is asked a lot. The reason that Blindspace® needs to be discussed and thought about before and during the planning stage of your build is that Blindspace® becomes a part of the building’s structure. Blindspace® is an outstanding product that requires the utmost care, planning and ultimate detail. If you want to be able to integrate Blindspace® into your build and enjoy luxurious, stylish windows, you must plan ahead and bring Blindspace® into your plans. It is never too early to talk to a WindowTreat concealed blinds specialist, so make sure you book your appointment now.

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Part of the planning stage will involve speaking to us, the concealed blinds specialists, so that we can get your measurements and requirements to enable us to get you an accurate quote.

What is the difference between concealed, hidden and invisible blinds?

Concealed blinds are blinds that have the hardware concealed in a Blindspace© box. This will help your home look stylish and modern. When the blinds are open you’ll see nothing but the beauty of the outside world, helping you strengthen your bond with nature.

Hidden blinds are blinds that have the hardware hidden in a recess. This is almost like a trough that your blinds are installed into in your ceiling, this is a good way to conceal blind if you’re on a tight budget.

Invisible blinds are the most luxurious finish you can give your windows. Blindspace® will conceal your blinds’ hardware and conceal the sides of your blinds into your window structure’s side channel. This option is perfect for making the perfect blackout blinds for your home cinema or bedroom.

It’s your choice, you can conceal, hide or make your blinds invisible. But make sure that your decision is backed up by reliable data, your needs and your style. WindowTreat’s concealed blinds specialist can help you make the right choice.

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What size Blindspace® box do I need?

The size of your Blidspace® box will be determined by many different factors. Primarily fabric length, width and type will determine the size of the box you will need. There may be other factors to think about when you're looking at what size box you will need, such as rods. Speaking to WindowTreat will help you figure out exactly what you require.

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Where can Blindspace® boxes be used?

Blindspace® boxes can be used on all the windows in your home, as long as they have a facade.

Regular windows – Blindspace® works beautifully to conceal blinds on your home’s windows. The standard Blindspace® box will be built into the facade of the window, making it disappear into thin air when you have the blinds open.

Bi-Fold Doors and Sliding Doors – Blindspace® is the ultimate combination and a great choice for shading your bi-fold doors and sliding doors. With sliding doors, the Blindspace® box would be fitted into the ceiling, leaving a gap big enough for the blinds to be shut, whilst the bi-fold doors are open. This can be for both internal and external blinds. With sliding doors, you can install the Blindspace® boxes closer to the doors. Again, both internally and externally.

Roof Lanterns and Skylights – Blindspace® boxes conceal your roof lantern blinds and skylight blinds, making them disappear and allowing a full view of the sky and stars when the blinds are open.

Shaped Windows – Shaped windows, including Triangular, Gable-End and any other shaped window, even curved will allow Blindspace to beautifully hide your blinds away when you want.

If you’re still unsure whether Blindspace® is right for you, talk to a WindowTreat concealed blinds specialist.

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How do I control my Blindspace® blinds?

We fit your blinds with Somfy motors, this will allow you to control your blinds with Alexa, Siri or Google Home. This means that you can control your blinds with your voice, smartphone or tablet!

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Once you have everything figured out, all the plans are in place, the architect is happy and you’re happy with the quote that WindowTreat have given you, we will wait for your go-ahead and order your Blindspace® boxes, blinds and fabrics that you choose.

After everything is delivered and received successfully and you are happy with the quality of the products we will install the Blindspace® boxes when the build is at that stage. We will then get your blinds installed and set up with Somfy so that you can enjoy your new blinds knowing that they will not ruin your view out when they are open.

Again, it is never too early to contact your WindowTreat concealed blinds specialist. Book a callback now.

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