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Judith | Athena Electric Roof Lantern Blind

Electric Roof Lantern Blinds

The Athena Electric Roof Lantern Blind

The Athena Large Electric Roof lantern blind boasts a symmetrical look with easy to clean cassette boxes at both ends. Inside the cassette boxes, the engineering brilliance of the Athena Electric Roof Lantern Blinds | No Visible Guidewires ( is hidden away from dust, flies and view allowing it to blend into your lantern’s upstand. (White is standard but any RAL colour can be offered).

Judith had an Athena electric roof lantern blind installed in her home, we contacted Judith for some feedback on the Athena electric roof lantern blind.

To start with, Judith gave some back story: “So, [the room] is the living area we've got the football table and the sofa, and you can sit looking out of the window at the garden. It’s a family room which we've been planning to have for the last 15 years and now the kids are 15 they're almost leaving home, but we now the family room. When we had it built, I walked in and I thought: “uh oh, this is too bright.” And although we worried because it's south-facing. There is a big distance between the ceiling and the actual lantern so we didn't think there would be so much light coming in. But turns out as you walk through there’s direct sunlight it's quite a glare and I particularly didn't like it. It almost gave me a headache walking in, I can't spend time in this room whenever the sun's shining which is a shame because we get quite a bit of Sun down here in the south. I love the room, but I was thinking that I would struggle to hang out in it for too long on a sunny day.”

When we asked why Judith chose WindowTreat to install her Athena Electric Roof Lantern Blind, here’s what she had to say: “There was an element of cost, there was an element of my builders saying they weren't going to do it, they wanted someone else to do it because we did look at a DIY one and they said they weren't going to get involved with anything that they would have to fit, which was my initial thought. Then I had some other people I looked at, where the cost was almost double the amount of WindowTreat. So we didn't have the money for that, so it just worked it was the right amount of money and people were going to come in and do it so we'd have professionals who do it every day rather than our builders doing it, who don’t have the confidence to install it.”

We asked if the Athena electric roof lantern blind solved her problems: “I think it has, you can see here it's quite glary now and that's not that pleasant to be sitting underneath so I'm going to put the lantern on. So, it's [The Somfy Remote] attached to the wall so that my children don't lose it under the sofa. And it's gradually now just coming across in a James Bond fashion, it'll probably take about a minute, and it just takes away the glare and gives us a nice light feeling, it doesn't black out so it's not claustrophobic it totally works!”

The million-dollar question, we asked if Judith would recommend WindowTreat and the Athena Electric roof lantern blind to her friends and family: “I would, yeah, I mean from my own personal experience it's been great, so I personally say it's everything we wanted.”