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Tackling The Conservatory Heat On All Elevations with Silver 50 EXT


Love how it looks from the outside with the tint


Mike was great :) the service from you all has been amazing, we have already recommended you to a couple of our friends. On a sunny day we felt the full effects and love the look of our conservatory windows from the outside with the tint. 

Once we have saved up some more we will definitely come back to you to get the rest of our windows in the house done :)

Thanks again for your fast, efficient service.

A Happy Lowenna & Kieron in Poole 


Conservatory Cooling Film is making a huge difference to the thermal comfort of hundreds of our clients. This means that they are better connected with the outside and making the most of their living space. Happier days enjoying their conservatory.


Make the right choice for you (with no sales pressure) by contacting WindowTreat. Or, if you prefer, take a deep dive into the best conservatory window film for you at our conservatory window film review page.


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