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Electric Roof Lantern Blinds - Welcome To WindowTreat

Hello, welcome to WindowTreat. My name is Steve and I'm going to be talking electric roof lantern blinds for a whole minute.

So, I liken your roof lantern or your roof light that you're planning to get to a performance sports car. Except for no ordinary performance sports car, a performance sports car with no brakes! On a dull day absolutely fine, welcome in all the natural light you can get. On a bright day, though you may end up being too hot and have too much glare for comfort in your dream space. So it totally makes sense that an electric roof lantern blind is a welcome addition to your home.

Now, it's a matter of making the right choice of electric roof lantern blind and that's where we come in.

So, where do people go wrong?

Well, there's so much information out there it's a minefield you look at datasheets for different fabrics the claims. The most common claim is that your new electric roof lantern blind will reduce the heat and reduce the glare and you'll be really comfortable. However, that premise isn't totally accurate.


A light-coloured fabric lets in far too much light to be able to watch tv or use a computer in comfort, a dark-coloured fabric is could be rubbish at rejecting the heat but it'll do a great job at managing glare.

I could go on for a long time, but I'll just draw another example where people go wrong. They end up choosing a blind system that is cost-effective on day one, but it's not going to last and look as good in a few years

The components in most blind systems are the same for a small blind as they are for a large roof lantern. After all, you wouldn't put a car suspension or a car engine into a lorry and hope it keeps running for a hundred thousand miles.

A WindowTreat roof lantern blind is very special, it's a wonderful addition to your home.

Electric roof lantern blinds

iThe above image is an image of James' garage, the has two of our Zeus roof lantern blinds installed.

t's developed and evolved over a long time to meet the specific needs of our clients involving the best fabrics and the best components for the size of blind you have, and your personal requirement whether it's privacy, blackout or glare reduction so you can watch tv in comfort.

I invite you to have a 15-minute chat with Chris simply book in the calendar below and uh select a time that's convenient for you and I'll promise you one thing I'm sure it'll be enlightening.