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Electric Roof Lantern Blinds | How To Modernise Your Home

We all dream of having that James Bond feeling when we think about electric roof lantern blinds. Well, that's exactly the feeling that a few of our customers have had since getting their's installed by WindowTreat.

Electric Roof Lantern Blinds Functionality


WindowTreat installs only the best of the best when it comes to electric roof lantern blinds and electric roof lantern blind fabrics. Chris, WindowTreat's electric roof lantern blind specialist knows his stuff when it comes to everything roof blinds. If you're unsure about what blind is best for you, booking an appointment is the best way to get information and be guided in the right direction.

Having a roof lantern is wonderful at first, much like a sports car, but a roof lantern with no blind is like a brand new sports car with no breaks. You have great amounts of light entering your home, but there is no way to control it. It gets too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Whilst creating an unbearable glare all year round, making it impossible to watch TV or use screens.

electric roof lantern blinds


The Electric Roof Lantern Blinds that WindowTreat creates a wide-open space in your roof lantern when open with absolutely no obstructions, no guidewires, just some discrete shelves. They are created with extreme engineering, making them look great when opened and closed.

Key aesthetic features:

- No Sag, the fabric tensioning system ensures that the electric roof lantern blind's fabric is pulled tight so that there is no sagging and no ripples in the fabric when the blind is closed, the amount of applied tension will depend on the size of the electric roof lantern blind.

- No Guidewires, our electric roof lantern blinds don't have any visible guidewires spanning across the lantern opening, leaving you with a clear view of the sky, with no ugly wires.

- Lots of colours to choose from, there are so many colours that you can choose from for the inside of your electric roof lantern blind, including white. WindowTreat's specialised fabrics allow us to install a light coloured fabric, without creating a lightbox effect. You can even go white with a blackout blind!

electric roof lantern blinds aesthetics & shading

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