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Frequently Asked Questions - March 2021

Window Film Frequently Asked Questions.

Question: What are the restriction/constraints in terms of cleaning the side of the glass where the film has been fitted?

Answer: Cleaning with a soft cloth and a PH-neutral detergent so no lemon juice, vinegar or highly acidic or alkaline products. Don’t clean it for the first 30 days after the installation whilst it cures (whilst it dries).

Question: When the film starts degrading in 10-15 years, can it be removed? This is of particular interest for the glass roof panels for obvious reasons.

Answer: I would hope you get 20 years from the internal films. 3M are the world leader in adhesives. Their adhesive tends to come off with the film and the process is straightforward albeit a little noisy. If there is residue adhesive then it can be removed with soapy water and a scraper blade. We have removed tens of thousands of square metres of film.

Question: When would you be able to do the installation?

Answer: It usually happens within 2-weeks of your order.