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Electric Cellular Blinds For Doors, Windows & Rooflight

Electric Blinds

This beautiful home extension is a multi-use space. Used as a home office, dining area and living area. We managed to tackle glare on screens and we removed any eye strain caused by the sun's bright rays.

The darker colour of the cellular blinds helps to ensure there are fewer reflections on screens, making a comfortable living area and workspace.

The electric cellular blinds are in the window and door frames creating an extremely discrete look and premium feel to our customer's new home extension. Integration with smart home devices, such as Alexa, Google Home and Siri means that we are able to open the blinds with our voice. (Voice control).


This is an amazing solution, but if you are in the midst of a new build or extension, then you have the wonderful opportunity to invest in concealed blinds by building Blindspace boxes into the window structure. Concealed blinds using Blindspace are popular due to their minimalist appearance and clean lines.

Another approach, which incredibly is even more minimalist, is to invest in external rooflight blinds that can’t be seen from inside and offer up to 97 per cent solar heat rejection.

Electric Roof Lantern Blinds can be mains-powered. However, you can click the following links to explore solar-powered roof lantern blinds and battery-powered roof lantern blinds.