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Electric Thermal Rooflight Blind (No Visible Cords) – Room Darkening In London

Electric Blinds

The side of these blinds are white so that they can reflect the sun's heat. The cellular fabric traps air inside little pockets which helps improve insulation. The comfort that is gained is highly noticeable in both the summer and the winter making this home more comfortable for living in this beautiful London property.

This particular Rooflight Blind is convenient, easy and intelligent, and future proof, here's why:

Convenient - Battery operated means that there was no redecoration required. Automatic recharging with a solar panel. No electrician was required. Advantage of mains power is that the motors are more powerful, robust and a smaller investment. We offer both.

Easy - SOMFY radio controlled motor means that it can be operated from a remote control, wall switch or mobile device. It can be programmed to operate at dawn and dusk or specific times dependent on the day of the week. The blind can even be voice-activated through Alexa, Siri or Google Home.

Intelligent - Have it close automatically as you leave home and protect your home from heat and fading. Let the light stream through on a work day and energise your day so that you can be the best you can be. Lie in at the weekend. See Sleep is Superpower. Open up automatically if the smoke alarm goes off to improve visibility. Have it open up automatically if the SOMFY burglar alarm. Intruders do not want to be seen.

Futureproof - Compatible with other SOMFY electric blinds and many partner products such as Philips Hue lighting.