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Stunning Seamless External Roof Lantern Blind, London

External Blinds

This stunning electric external roof lantern blind's shades the beautiful home living area/kitchen/diner of this outstanding London home.

Take a look at this stunning external rooflight blind as it helps shade the beautiful space that would be unusable during the summer - saved by the roof lantern blind - it rejects 97.5% of the heat from entering through the roof lantern meaning that the homeowner will be more comfortable using that space during the hot summer months. 

The reason for this external rooflight blind is for the minimalism, the homeowner wanted the rooflight blind to be as seamless as it could be, keeping the minimalism of the houses current design and layout, the external rooflight blind was a perfect choice, leaving no trace in the rooflight itself. 

The colour was chosen to match the tiles on the roof, in turn, this also matched the furniture on the inside of the home, making it a win-win. 

This rooflight provides privacy during the daytime and night time meaning that no one would be able to look down into the home through that rooflight when the blind was shut from a higher storey.

You can see from the video below how smooth the rooflight is, how it closes with no problems at all, maintaining the premium feel.

This external rooflight blind was fitted with a sun sensor and a wind sensor. The sun sensor shuts the blind when it is too hot/too bright automating the comfort of that home, meaning that without thought the blind will cool down the home as much as it could without anyone having to press or say anything. The wind sensor ensures that the blind will open itself when it gest too windy so as not to allow the wind to break the blind (This is a very recommended addon).

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This is an amazing solution, but if you are in the midst of a new build or extension, then you have the wonderful opportunity to invest in concealed blinds by building Blindspace boxes into the window structure. Concealed blinds using Blindspace are popular due to their minimalist appearance and clean lines.

Another approach, which incredibly is even more minimalist, is to invest in external rooflight blinds that can’t be seen from inside and offer up to 97 per cent solar heat rejection.

Electric Roof Lantern Blinds can be mains-powered. However, you can click the following links to explore solar-powered roof lantern blinds and battery-powered roof lantern blinds.