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Trevor | Hermes Roof Lantern Blind

Electric Roof Lantern Blinds

The Hermes Electric Roof Lantern Blind

The Hermes Large Electric Roof lantern blind boasts a symmetrical look with easy to clean cassette boxes at both ends. Inside the cassette boxes, the engineering brilliance of the Hermes Electric Roof Lantern Blinds | No Visible Guidewires ( is hidden away from dust, flies and view allowing it to blend into your lantern’s upstand. (White is standard but any RAL colour can be offered).

Hi Trevor, can you describe how you use the space that you're in and the experiences you were suffering before you decided to get an electric roof lantern blind?

Yeah sure, it's a new extension and it encompasses the kitchen on one side and we have a living space on the other side and a dining room just the other end which you can't see and what was happening was that as the sun came up in the morning it would eventually cover the induction hob and you couldn't see any of the instructions at all you know you knew where the buttons were but you couldn't see what heating setting you're on or anything then of course as the sun came over further in the day then you suddenly lost the television because of the reflection on the television so it was quite a pain after a while

So, glare was the big issue did you also suffer heat gains you got quiet you've got a large roof lantern there

Yeah it's yeah we did suffer from the sun heat coming through but it didn't worry us too much on that side because we got the bifold doors so they would open and give us lots of ventilation but yes you're right it did it's worse or in the springtime and the latter part of the summertime when you've got the bifold closed because it's a bit cold on the outside and the sun comes blaring through in through the lantern and through the bifold doors it gets really warm yes you're right

Well, roof lanterns are great but I do liken them to you know says powerful sports car when the sun is bright the light comes streaming through the heat comes through but there are no breaks and that's where the electric roof lantern blind comes in so yeah at this point you contacted window tree do you remember why you contacted WindowTreat.

Yeah we look we're looking on the internet to look to try and find a way of getting a blind on the lantern because we knew it was big and there was nobody locally and so this company was the first one we looked at and they seemed reasonable but they weren't forthcoming with any too much information they weren't sending us any samples and the the the delivery time was very long so we thought oh you know we can't deal with this so we looked around and we found yourselves and it was they you're really good right and professional from the beginning they gave us good reasons why we couldn't have what we wanted in the beginning and then they get sent us loads of samples of different materials that we could look at and see which one we thought was the best and then you guys explained to us what each type of material did and why and so yeah it was the professionalism was different between the two companies

Yeah so you met Chris handles yes he's our electric roof lantern blind specialist and you've got my favourite fabric on your roof land because it's a light-coloured fabric that manages glare which is unusual normally that creates a lightbox effect so it's terrific and the metallized coating on the outside reflects more heat than any other roof lantern blind fabric that certainly we're aware of so which is why you have my that's why I'm particularly excited today because you have to my favourite roof lantern yeah

 It's brilliant it is good

Yes and how did you find the experience with Chris yeah

We enjoyed it because I've been wife here as well and it's always nice to be able to see somebody and talk to them so when we had the zoom call it was it was brilliant because you could get a more sort of interaction between you rather than just talking over the phone it was good and he was very knowledgeable as well

Oh thank you for the feedback so in the end, you went with the Hermes roof Latin blind because you have a large roof lantern blind at 2 by 3 meters which is bigger than battery-operated ones but I understand you wanted a battery-operated one originally

Yes ideally because you know either battery or solar because we didn't want the to see wires and cables sort of all over the place so it was that what was the preferred option but it was explained by Chris that of the reasons why that wasn't possible with the size of the lantern that we have so this we went with the Hermes which has been brilliant

Yeah it's a good product because it's got extra attention to keep that the fabric taught across such a wide area which indeed has your friends and family seen the experience the roof lantern blind yeah

Yeah they really yeah but my daughter came round shortly after we had it put in and she was amazed it looks like the part it makes it just finishes everything off it's really good

And the million-dollar question Trevor is would you recommend window tree to friends and family

Without a doubt, they with their I mean the guys that actually came and put it in were brilliant as well so as well as your guys in the office you know the fitters were also very good so yeah we'd have no hesitation in recommending you to other people

Well thank you, Trevor