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The Effect Of Different 3M Window Films

How do different 3M window films compare when it comes to protecting your home, furniture and family from the Sun's harmful rays?

To start, we have to know what causes harm to our home, how it affects our property and family and what we can do to stop it.

How the sun affects our home

Letting natural light into our home makes our space bright, fun and saves us from switching on the lights. Natural light has so many benefits to our health, but what happens when that sunlight is uncontrolled?

UV Light

Ultraviolet light is harmful to our furnishings and to our skin. The UV light that comes from the Sun causes our furnishings to fade and can ruin the look and feel of our beautiful homes. UV light is also harmful to our skin and is known to cause some skin cancers.

Introducing Window Film

All 3M window film products block out >99% of the Sun's UV light, this protects our furnishings from fading and our families from potentially getting harmed. All window films work by reflecting and absorbing solar energy (light and heat). Reflected solar energy will go back through your glazing system, resulting in a cooler and safer space.



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How do different 3M Window Films Compare?

No Window Film

Having no window film opens us up to a lot of trouble. Uncontrolled light can be a disaster to our property and our health.

Example diagram of glazing with no window film



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Absorbing Window Film

Absorbing window films do not reflect the Sun's solar energy away, it works by absorbing the energy and re-radiating it back out. This can be uncomfortable to any who may be beside the window as all the energy absorbed will be re-radiated out.

Example diagram of glazing with an absorbing window film



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3M All Seasons 35

3M All Seasons 35 is brilliant because of its ultra-low absorption and All Seasons capability. Consequently, it resembles the diagram below. As you can see from the diagram, the solar energy reaching deeper into the room is reduced and is decreased as soon as it makes contact with the 3M All Seasons 35 Window Film.

Example diagram with 3M All Seasons 35 installed



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3M Prestige Window Film

3M Prestige Window Film rejects more of the sun's solar energy and any other solar window film. The film is external, and this is important because the majority of the incoming solar energy is re-radiated externally instead of internally. 

People sat close to the windows will be significantly more comfortable.

Example diagram of glazing with 3M Prestige installed



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