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Light And Your Home - Discover The Possibilities

You're replacing your curtains or blinds you're building an extension or modernising your home, maybe even buying a new home. Certainly, you've got choices to make right now about what colours and tones you want in each room of your home. Read this page to discover more.

Without light, there is no colour. Natural light flooding through your windows cause colours and textures to change during the day which can make any surface you have in your home feel ultra alive and exciting.

Diffused light renders wall and floor colours more delicate, whereas direct light throws wonderful contrasts and shadows more theatrically. If your hall has vision panels or adjacent windows, then you can afford to be braver - Go on, really brave with the choice of window treatment because the hall is a room that's passed through on route to somewhere else. The entrance is also your signature to passers-by and a significant part of your home's curb appeal.

It's tempting to maximize natural light and use light colours in these small dark rooms, but this can lead to a duller less visually appealing space. Having dark walls with light streaming through may seem a little counter-intuitive, but the results can be wonderfully theatrical and much more exciting than painting the walls white. 

So please just open your mind and explore the possibility no matter how counter-intuitive it is. Alternatively, grace light-coloured walls with a moving artwork of colour using coloured, opaque or translucent window films. Or better still the mind-bending 3M™ Dichroic Blaze to have a myriad of moving colour.


Dining rooms are often lit by the glow of candles, floor lights and chandeliers. They also benefit from a bit of drama. Be brave, go for that the drama. This can be achieved using a stronger colour on your window treatment. If your walls are light or neutral, shadows will dance on darker walls, whilst leaving your table in the spotlight. Explore a contrasting complementary colour for your window treatment.

Bedrooms are private spaces, which should ideally be soothing and relaxing. Reds are certainly not soothing but exude passion, but they're less conducive to sleep. That's your choice. In contrast to red, the blues and greens are more soothing and the colour of nature. Neutrals are tranquil. Choose a colour that you're naturally drawn to, but do consider investing in an intelligent smart electric blind from WnidowTreat, because they encourage healthy sleep - with a minimal light ingress and in the morning the blind rises, energizing you with a flood of bluer light, which kickstarts your day. There's a lot of growing evidence of the immense health benefits in supporting your body clock, called the circadian rhythms. Treat sleep as your new superpower.

Spare rooms are used less frequently and you can afford to be a bit more flamboyant with the choices of bolder colours and patterns to wow your guest.

Decide whether you'd like your bathroom to be intimate and inviting and then use your window treatments to regulate the flow of natural light during the daytime the light will reflect off the surfaces of mirrors showers and bathtubs there's a temptation, of course, to make interiors of bathrooms as light as possible which in our experience leads to a starker less inviting space darker bathrooms are an unexpected treat however whichever approach you take your window treatment should be designed to regulate light whilst protecting your dignity and modesty from passers-by, it would be remiss not to mention that the material needs to be easy to clean and be able to handle the high levels of humidity that a bathroom has.

The kitchen, in many family homes the kitchen is the heart of the home, it tends to be a hive of activity the key point here to consider is that some activities that you do in the kitchen are hazardous you're handling knives, for example, it's best to keep this room as bright as possible choosing colours patterns and styles and the level of automation is as much about your lifestyle than with the architecture of your house or the latest fashion and Pantone colour of the year choose what you love and feel comfortable with it it's your home and you should be the one who decides how it looks the colours patterns styles you choose whether discrete bold should reflect the way you live your life today.

This is a real opportunity to create a unique space that reflects your personality we hope that you enjoy the process of bringing a dream to reality, we would love to be able to help you.

Check out Blindspace for minimalism

This is an amazing solution, but if you are in the midst of a new build or extension then you have the wonderful opportunity to invest in concealed blinds by building Blindspace boxes into your window structure. Concealed blinds are popular for their minimalist appearance and clean lines. Another approach, which incredibly, is even more minimalist is to invest in external rooflight blinds that can’t be seen from inside. External blinds offer up to 97 per cent of solar heat rejection.