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When is the best time to think about window treatments?

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What the title/question of this post is really asking is; should I look for blinds/curtains/window film before or after my home or extension is built? Now, the answer to this question depends on what type of window treatment you are looking for. But I must add that it is never too early to start looking for window treatments. Here at WindowTreat, the earlier you look for blinds, the better. Is your home/extension not built yet? Perfect! Although, it is important to say that even if your home or extension if already built there are still solutions for you, and we will be more than happy to help, so keep reading this post to find out what we can do for you. If there is anything that you are struggling to understand, or you have any questions, book an appointment with one of our window treatment specialists.

Whether you are looking for window treatment for side glazing, or roof glazing (such as roof lanterns or rooflights), WindowTreat have the solution for you. We are the window treatment specialists, we are here for you, every step of the way.

Are you looking for window film?

At WindowTreat we have a very large portfolio of window films, including 3M Thinsulate, 3M Prestige, 3M All Seasons and many more!

The obvious factor when looking for window film is the size of the window; we need to know how much window film we are going to need. Something that most builders and architects overlook is the position of the glass, and what direction the glass is facing, for example a window that is facing the sun will let in a lot more heat that a window that barely sees the sunlight, so – you would need a heat rejecting window film on the sun-facing windows, but not on the windows that do not face the sun. If you are looking to incorporate window film into your home or extension, make sure you get into contact with us so that we can advise you and guide you to the window film that is right for you, for more information on window film, check out our page: 3M Window Film. Alternatively, book an appointment with us today!

Are you looking for electric blinds?

We at WindowTreat love electric blinds! You should too! The best time to start thinking about electric blinds is during the planning stage. If you are in the planning stage right now and you are thinking about blinds, contact us now! There are many reasons to think about electric blinds during this phase of the build.

Most homeowners leave the blinds to the interior designer, or see blinds at an accessory to their home, if you find yourself with that mindset, now is the perfect time to change that. We like to see the blind as being a part of the fabric of your home.

Thinking about blinds now, during the planning phase allows a lot more flexibility for what you can do with your electric blind.


Again, with blinds, it is important for us to know that anticipated size of your windows, fitting your windows to the blind of your dreams is a much more affective way to getting your dream look and feel in your home.

Blinds are our thing; you can trust us – the window treatment specialists. If you are looking for more information or inspiration on internal electric blinds, visit our internal blinds case studies and our electric blinds page.


Concealment is a very modern, simplistic, and stylish way to have your blinds installed. Luckily, so is working with WindowTreat. We love staying up to date with the newest trends and styles when it comes to window treatments and we like to make the process as simple as possible.

Using the Blindspace Blind Boxes we have a very efficient and effective way of concealing your blinds. Making the blinds disappear opening your window, allowing you to see out without any blinds rolled up at the top.

If concealment is what you are after, it’s vital you talk to us whilst you’re in the planning phase of your build, contact us now and book your appointment with an electric blinds specialist.


Another way for you to gain minimalism is by going with external blinds, not only do they look outstanding, but they also provide extreme comfort and heat rejection in the summer months, rejecting up to 97% of the summer heat entering your home, before it even hits the glass!

So, if you are worried about the ever-worsening British summer heat, your best bet is to look at external blinds. But it is so important that you start planning this into your build now.

Roof Lantern/Rooflight

Roof lantern and rooflight blinds are so important for controlling the light in your home that comes through your rooflight. All the same factors explained previously apply to roof lantern blinds. Concealment will need to be planned well ahead, talk to your architect about this. And Contact WindowTreat today!