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Conservatory Polycarbonate Roof Window Film


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Is your conservatory too hot? Would you like an affordable solution that keeps your conservatory cooler on sunny days? Conservatory window film for polycarbonate roofs is the answer.

Why It Is Important That You Spend Time In Your Conservatory

A connection with nature and the outside is important to our wellbeing and health. The conservatory is the perfect space to enjoy and benefit from this connection.

On sunny days a conservatory can be unusable. The investment in making your conservatory comfortable so that you can use it more often is a wise investment.

Conservatory Too Hot?

You can enjoy your conservatory in comfort for more hours every day and for many more weeks every year with WindowTreat Solar Inserts for Polycarbonate Roofs.

If the conservatory feels like an oven then add 3M Prestige 70 to the side glazing for the ultimate in comfort.

WindowTreat Solar Control Inserts

Sunny days result in hot conservatories that are unusable. Solar Inserts for polycarbonate roofs are the best low cost solution for conservatories with polycarbonate roofs.

Most other solutions do not work well resulting in the conservatory being too hot. Others are effective, but at the cost of natural light.

[Half of WindowTreat's business is blinds, but we do not recommend blinds to tackle the heat in conservatories].

Eyestrain Caused by Glare

Dazzling Glare causes eyestrain. Solar inserts are transparent, but filter out the glare caused by excessive light. Read books, watch TV or simply relax in comfort,

Fading of Furnishings, Floors and Pictures

 UV rays is the main culprit of fading. However, the sun's radiant heat and light also causes fading, embrittlement and irreversible damage to plastics, wood and soft furnishings.

Solar inserts reject virtually all the UV and significant levels of radiant heat keeping your conservatory and furnishings looking newer for longer

Conservatory Too Cold?

WindowTreat Solar Inserts reduce heat loss through polycarbonate roof panels by 10-15%. This results in a noticeably warmer conservatory and helps reduce your energy bills.

It is Time to WindowTreat Your Conservatory

Join hundreds of others who have invested in making the conservatory their favourite room. Take a minute now to fill the form in or call us on 0845 003 7260.

What our customers say about us

"I'm very pleased I can use the room all the time, even in hot temperatures". 
- Jennifer, Didcot

"Excellent job, installers professional and polite - and tidied up after themselves." 
- Elaine, High Wycombe

"WindowTreat had the best understanding of our glazing systems and how their products would perform. We have definitely noticed a reduction in solar gain and glare and as a result we are much more comfortable.  Delighted!" 
- Philip, London

“The difference in glare and intensity of heat was immediate and I am now able to sit in the conservatory comfortably in the afternoon when the sun is shining. It is such a transformation.” 
- Shalesh, Basingstoke

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