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Patio awning

Beautiful Style - Perfect Shading - More Comfort

The Cuba Electric Awning

This is the most perfect awning for your mid-sized patio space. Perfect for having family and friends around.

You no longer need to sit in discomfort under the agonizing heat of the sun. The Cuba Electric Awning installed by WindowTreat is the awning you've been dreaming of.

Speak to a Cuba electric awning expert today to find out how we can help you enjoy your patio space even more!

Blindspace for bi-fold and sliding doors
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Your New Cuba Patio Awning




Full Cassette Casing

Protecting your awning from the harsh elements of the air will help prolong the life of your Cuba Patio Awning.

Full cassette casing for cuba awning


Motorised Magic With Remote Control Operation

Control your new Cuba Patio Awning with the perfect smart solutions. Your Cuba Awning will also be compatible with Somfy, smart home integration. Meaning that you can control your awning with Alexa, Google Home and Siri.


Optional Wind & Light Sensors

Wind sensors allow you to have full confidence that your awning will not fail if the wind picks up. Your awning will know when it's too windy to handle and will automatically retract into its cassette casing.

Light sensors can be set to open when the sun reaches a certain brightness or position in the sky.

sensors icons


Optional LED lighting & Infra-red Heating

Create the premium, luxury look and style to your patio awning and outdoor space with the LED lighting that can be optionally built into your new Cuba Electric Patio Awning.

Feel nice and toasty in the evening or the cooler days with the optional infra-red heater, allowing you to be comfortable, whilst the air temperature drops.

Optional Infra-Red Heater


100's Of Hardware & Fabric Colours

We know that there is a style for you. Pick your favourite colour and make sure that your awning is reflecting the highest amount of heat possible with that colour.



The 'Safe Pair Of Hands' For Your Cuba Patio Awning

WindowTreat are your go-to window treatment specialist for all your window treatment needs - our installers will leave your home tidy and have your Cuba Patio Awnings look great!

Trading Standards Approved For Cuba Patio Awnings

The Buy With Confidence Scheme operated by Trading Standards sets the bar high for your blinds' installation. Trading Standards conduct tests on our customer-facing processes to ensure that you can move ahead with the right supplier for you.

WindowTreat are trading standars approved & part of the buy with confidence scheme

Impeccable Cuba Patio Awning Installations

Our installers are the elite in the industry, They take immense pride in their work. You will find your blinds installer polite and you will see Henry the Hoover helping keep your home clean throughout the window film installation.

WindowTreat have been nominated for many different awards

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